Friday, March 16, 2012

Month Four

It's hard for my little brain to believe that Carter has been home 4 months yesterday.  Pre-Ukraine, I remember reading this milestone, along with others, on family adoption blogs - and I would think that we might never be able to say 'Four Months Home'.  In the midst of all the paperwork and fundraising, a four month home blog post seemed light years away.

So - if you're in the trenches, buried under paperwork, or waiting for your travel date (which should have been announced weeks ago...), take heart.  You, too, will soon be celebrating months home with your child.  It will happen.

{Also check out month one, two, and three}


We've come to a very, very sad realization.  Our little baby Carter has turned into little boy Carter.  His chubby fingers are thinning out, his round little belly has become flatter, his baby cheeks no longer have the curve that they used to.  His legs are longer.  Arms are leaner.

It's happening.  Little boy is growing.

Four months ago, in the airport, he looks like such a baby to us.

{you can see more homecoming photos in the video from this post}
Now, he looks more mature.  Wiser, maybe?

Either way, he's changing.  And although we're so proud of our boy, we're missing those baby features already.

Baby Carter, gone.


With the change from baby to boy, we've noticed a great big personality.  He has a naughty laugh, now.  And he knows when to use it.  Mama said no?  Give the naughty laugh.  Unrolled all the garbage bags and spread them around the kitchen while mama was doing laundry?  Naughty laugh.  Tried to stick the remote control to the wall (because apparently, this should work) and watched it fall to the ground with batteries flying?  Yep, naughty laugh.

See?  Naughty laugh.
It's okay, though.  We're just happy to see some spunk.  Gumption.  Spirit.  Tenacity.  Guts.  True grit.  Moxie.

Our guy's got some serious moxie.


Something else has developed over the past few weeks.

Some days, it feels like we're raising a teenager.  He rolls his eyes.  He slams his bedroom door.

No, I'm not kidding.  I know it's purely coincidental, but it's pretty stinkin' hilarious.

See?  Eye roll.
Serious moxie.


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Enjoy your weekend, friend.  Do something you love.  Kiss your kids more.  Go on a date.  Explore.  Finish that book.  Have a family movie night.  Sit on the couch eating bon bons in your jams.  Whatever.  Just enjoy it :)

One Thing I Know For Sure: Looking forward to a super enjoyable weekend...!


  1. Happy 4 months. We just said the exact same thing about Dariya. 8 months ago she still looked like a baby now a big preschooler!

  2. Hi Ashley,
    I found you at Rachel's blog. Our family LOVES Ukraine. We have been on mission trips there multiple times. So glad you are celebrating 4 months with your adorable little guy!

  3. Happy 4 months! I LOVE the eye roll. Made me laugh!

  4. Happy 4 Months! (And Happy 3 Months, and 2 Months, and 1 Month because I didn't comment on those awesome milestones! :) Rylee definitely has "spunk", too! In my moments of frustration with the "spunk," I often remind myself that it is the "spunk" that is going to take her places in her life! Carter, too!!! Love to you!!!


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