Monday, January 23, 2012


I love days like today.  These are the days that I would practically cry over when I was working.  Because these days are perfect for staying home.  Under a blanket.  Just being.

The snowflakes were huge.  And beautiful.  I really, really dislike snow - but there's something magical about watching our 3 year old gaze out the window, watching all that white fluff fall slowly to the ground.

We did all of Carter's favorite things.  He slithered onto my lap, and was planted there most of the morning.

Even Moses was enjoying our mellow, snuggle-up day.

An extra cup today, because on days like today - a hot mug with chai tea goodness is almost a requirement.

Can I add - this time of year is always tough on me.
I cannot walk through Target without oohing and aahing over everything valentine.
Mama needs a baby girl, I think.

We read.  And we read.  Ohhh...did we ever read.

"A told B, and B told C, I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree...." over, and over, and over.

It's okay, because it's one of my favorites, too :)

And today, I decided that as long as we're going with the theme of just enjoying - being - snuggling...why not just let him explore - be curious - experiment.

Pretty great day.


Today was also a very, very good day for somebody else.

Remember Lucy?

And remember when I told you that Lucy has a family?!

Today, Lucy's mommy & daddy passed court, and she is officially a daughter.  A beloved daughter, soon to have brothers and sisters.  Soon to have a home.

Heidi is her new name....and if Carter could tell her anything today, I think he would tell her that she has a beautiful life waiting for her - and that God has big, big things in store for her life.  And the next few months might be scary and hard - but it's okay.  Because having a family is really, very great.

Heidi's new parents will be going to court tomorrow to adopt her two (non-biological) brothers.  And it will be another day of rejoicing.

By tomorrow - three less, people.  Three less orphans.

Like I said - pretty great day.

One Thing I Know For Sure: A snowy day - extra chai - snuggles with my boy - the Lord bringing families together.....all very, very good stuff.


  1. I think perfection describes it perfectly....I'm with the chapstick....surprised Moses didn't get some...LOL!!! Miss you girl, can't wait til Sunday. Meemom

  2. I love so much when I click over here and there is a new post!!! Your life is perfection and Mr Carter is blessed beyond belief as are you and Jake (and Moses)... Love you guys!

  3. Ashley,

    I have been following your blog for sometime...and I just wanted to say I ENJOY it SO much!!! I have loved following Carter's journey home. :) Thank you for your candid approach to writing and making it feel like we are just sitting down for coffee catching up! We are leaving in two weeks to meet our sweet girl for the first time...and can't wait for the Lord to unfold our beautiful story too!


  4. Wah! I want snow! More snow. Lots of snow, like cancel school snow. LOL. And Carter is seriously precious!


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