Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Month.

Today is the day.  Today, Carter has been home for one month.

I can't wrap my brain around this.  I still wake up in the night and count ahead 8 hours to Ukraine time, and think about what Carter might be doing.  And then I realize he's downstairs, sleeping in his crib.

This past month has changed us.  Yea - obviously our lifestyle has changed.  We keep different hours, I stay at home instead of going off to work, we have deep discussions about bath water temperatures and whether it's best to use baby oil or Eucerin.  Because that's what parents do.

But when I say that we've changed - I'm not talking about our schedule.  I'm talking about US.  The innermost parts of our being.  The depths of our souls.  Adoption has changed us.  Down syndrome has changed us.  Adding a child has changed us.

And we are so grateful.


So - to celebrate one month home - to celebrate change - to celebrate new life - I have a new blog :)  Like it?!  Me too. Because those photos of the 'old' Carter just weren't cutting it.  THIS is the new Carter.  The Carter we know, now.  His eyes are filled with hope.  His face usually carries a smile.  Orphan no more, for sure.

I also have a video.  Please - listen to the words.  They carry so much meaning.  We listened to this song in Ukraine - over, and over, and over.  He makes beautiful things out of the dust of our lives.  What did Carter have to show for his 3+ years of life?  Nothing.  Not one thing.


But the Lord God took that dust, and formed it into a new, beautiful life full of promise and potential.

And this is not just any video - but a video filled with photos from Carter's homecoming, one month ago today.

I am still in total awe of the people that came to the airport to welcome us home.  I look at these pictures often - and I find myself thinking 'How LOVED is our boy! How TREASURED is he!'.

How beautiful is the love of the Father.  Really.


This is a lady that we love a whole lot.  She encouraged us in ways that she'll never know - before WE even knew we were going to adopt.  And now, God is doing crazy, wild, amazing things in HER life.  And we get to be a part of it.  Pretty amazing.

My point in all of this.  See my shirt?  No, not the pink one.  But do you see what's underneath?  It's a shirt that we bought at Hillsong Kiev.  It says 'лучшее все же прибыть'.  

'The best is yet to come'. Believing it.  For us.  For Carter.  For the waiting orphans.  For Ukraine.  

Believing it.  

One month home, baby.  And so, so, so many more to come.  

One Thing I Know For Sure: лучшее все же прибыть


  1. Love it! Love the new look! Love reading your thoughts! Love the video! Love the pictures! and love all 3 of you too!

  2. oh the video is beautiful, the pictures, Carter, you, everyone is.. so... inspiring! so much love! you are all blessed

    oh and love the new blog look

  3. What a great post. Loved it. Absolutely beautiful.....

  4. Very nice!!! I have to admit..when I first logged on, I thought I was being redirected to someone else's I closed out and tried again. HAAAAA only took this old dog 2 times to realize THIS was YOUR blog!!! Love it!!!

  5. The video is beautiful. Keep it up with the posts!

  6. I cried watching your video. So touching! Thank you for sharing your journey...


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