Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't You Dare.

The weather here has been nice.  For February in Wisconsin, it's been VERY nice.  So we've been doing our fair share of walking.  Playing on the sidewalk.  Wagoning.  Whatever we can to get some of this rare-February fresh air.  Sometimes, Carter will bring me his shoes and wave bye-bye.  Translation: Let's go, mama.  I want to get out there and take on the world!  And I can't do it in this house.  Now.  Let's go. Please.  

Yesterday was Carter's 3 month anniversary.  He has been in our home for 3 months, and we can't believe the strides he has made.  It's really incredible.  We estimate that he knows about 20 signs - and uses most of them correctly.  He is also learning that signing something will get him results.  Want to watch 'Baby Signing Time'?  Well, then go to mama and sign 'baby'.  Want my diaper changed?  Go to mama and sign 'diaper'.  Walking through Lowe's and want to take a bath?  Well, then sign 'bath' to mama & dada every 2 minutes.  Okay, that one didn't work so well :)

He loves to read, and brings me 'Llama, Llama Red Pajama' about 12 times a day.  His second favorite is 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom'.  Yesterday I was doing dishes and just couldn't stop to read, so I handed the book back to him.  He sat down, turned the pages, and said "Da da, baaba, da, pup, ta, dada!".   Of course, I couldn't resist.  I turned off the water.  Dried my hands, and got down on the floor, right there in the kitchen.  Carter crawled into my lap, and we read together.  Enjoying the moment.  It lasted for about 4 minutes, and he was off.  But the moment was enjoyed, nonetheless.

I find myself often saying 'oh...I can't wait until he can talk!' or 'won't it be great when he uses the potty?'. No-no, mama.  Don't you dare.  Those things will come.  Eventually.  And when they do, you'll undoubtedly wish for simpler times.  Times of quiet diaper changes, and a mouth that isn't in constant motion.  Don't you dare rush him.  Things like growth take time.  Lots of time.  And growth can't be rushed.  Shouldn't be rushed.  It should be enjoyed - every stage, every step, enjoyed.  Not rushed.  Never rushed.

Don't you dare, mama.

Let little boy do his thing for as long as he wants.  Because someday, little boy won't be so little.  Someday.....

So, we're busy enjoying life today.  Trying not to wish for the 'next step' to be here today.  Trying to make the most out of this step.  Enjoying the simplicities.  The complexities.  The in-betweenities.  All of it needs to be enjoyed.

Don't you dare rush it.

One Thing I Know For Sure:  It's nap time.  That's something I can most definitely enjoy :)


  1. Psst.... you aren't supposed to link to us until we get caught up on current orders! ;)

  2. there ar some things a momma just help but wonder but you are right it is like rushing them to grow up. So happy to hear he is doing so well. he's such a doll

  3. Awe Ashley,
    I often forget that and find myself wishing for time to go faster until I realize that it is flying by and I miss the little things too. I see Carter in that jacket and it reminds me how quickly time has gone and makes me realize that before I know it they will be grown. I love your blog and being able to take this journey with you!

  4. I also love your blog and watching that precious boy learn about love and life. How very lucky he is to have you all as his parents. You are right ...take time and enjoy every single minute of his growing up. Having raised 6 and with 10 grandchildren I know how fast they grow. I wish I had a little one to get down on the floor and play with. May God richly bless you and your family.

  5. Wise words, mamma...It goes all too quickly!! Llama Llama Red Pajama is still Rowdy's bedtime book of choice and has been for almost the last year (and i actually STILL enjoy it too, which is AMAZING)! :) Glad to hear you are getting some milder weather, that makes it nice when you have an adventurous busy little boy on your hands.



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