Sunday, August 07, 2011

Weekend in Review...

It started off with my favorite kind of Saturday night.

Hibachi with friends.  Lots of laughter.  Everyone telling their most laugh-evoking stories.

Then on our way home, we noticed something was following us.  A storm.

We enjoyed the storm the way I like best.  On our humble front porch, with the windows open - listening to songs like this.

Moses laying at our feet - lifting his head every so often to sniff the cold front coming in.

The sky gave us an ominous show, and just when we thought it was over, the clouds broke and the rain came, giving Moses the shower he was hoping for.

We headed inside, much to pup's dismay.  But we had this tasty peach pie waiting for us.


I won't go into detail about the beginning of our Saturday.  Lots of talk about 'should we send this to be apostilled?', and 'what if we wait to get this notarized?'.  Stress.

And with us, stress generally brings about our not-so-nice sides.  Needless to say, we were brawlin' all day.

Okay, not really brawlin' - but it wasn't all unicorns & fluffy kitties.

It's behind us.

These moments can either be used to teach us something, or be wasted.  Today - we chose to learn.  Less selfishness, and more selflessness.  Less "I'm right!" and more "I'm sorry".


The stormy night ended in my most favorite way that any night ends.

Watching a movie while tucked into bed, hearing the thunder boom & crash, snacking on popcorn (Yes, we eat popcorn in bed. Don't judge).  All the while, the cutest puppy ever is passed out in between us, paws inevitably in Jake's view of the tv.  He pops up when the phone rings in the movie, and we laugh like crazy.  Then sleep comes over him again, and his paws wind back up to their obnoxious position.

And I can't help but stop and think - this is all about to change very soon.

Soon, Carter will be tucked in with us.  Instead of watching movies like Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Remember the Titans, or Blindside - we'll be dipping our buttery hands in the popcorn bowl while watching Baby Signing Times & Sesame Street.

And that's okay by me.


Sunday was another perfect day.  Church.  Believer's Baptism afterwards.

And friends.  Friends going way above and beyond the normal realm of friendship.

More on this later.

A beautiful weekend.  Hope yours was too!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Next weekend can't come soon enough :)

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