Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yep - It's True!

Some of you reading this might also be following the blog of our friend, Rachel.  If so - you'll know that she announced some exciting news today!

About 2 months ago, Rachel's parents - Jesse and Lisa - had asked us to pray about something.  They asked us to pray about possibly allowing Rachel to join us on our trip to get Carter.  To be honest, Jake and I had already talked about it - but that's as far as it had gone.  So we agreed, yes - we'll pray about it.

Me & Rachel at baby Jonathan's homecoming in July!

So we prayed.  And even though in our hearts, we both wanted her to come along - we continued to pray.

"Are you sure, Lord?"

Some of the feedback we had gotten had made us think twice.  What if it's more stressful?  What if she gets sick?  What if...??

After lots of prayer, we knew that this was right for us and for Rachel.

So we headed over to her house for a bon fire one night, and told her the news.

I think I played it like 'Well...if you come, it might add to our stress...and since you're a minor, you're a big responsibility....but we don't care.  Because we want you to come."

If you know Rachel, you would know that her 'excited' state is my 'mildly happy' state.  She smiled, said "What?!  Really?!  Okay!!"...and that was that.  In her heart, we knew she was doing cartwheels.

Rachel, Me, and Rachel's equally sweet sister, Rebekah!
I love you, too - Rebekah!!!! 

After talking with Jesse & Lisa, we plan to bring Rachel on our last trip.  We will all three fly back on that last trip - break Carter out of his orphanage, and spend a few days paper chasing - and then we'll all four come home.

Many people have asked why we're bringing Rachel. Can't Jake & I handle the trip home by ourselves?  Sure, we probably could.  But we've never wanted this journey to be just about us.  We want others to benefit by our journey.

There are many other reasons, too....
+She has a heart for the fatherless, as well as special needs.  I know, lots of people 'have a heart' for things - but Rachel (and her sweet friend, Sarah) go way above & beyond.  Click on their names, and check out their blogs.  These girls are actively working to aid special needs orphans.  I don't know what is in store for their futures, but we'll help in any way we can to foster a greater love for serving Christ.

Rachel & Sarah, selling some of their handmade crocheted items at Carter's benefit

+Rachel is a gem.  A total sweetheart.  She won't be any 'trouble' on this trip (as some who don't know her have suggested! Ha - if you only knew this girl!).  We know that she's going to be there to help us with whatever we need.  Carrying bags - Helping around the apartment - Rubbing our feet (ha - kidding...I think....).  But we know that she will not be a burden, but rather a huge help.  We don't know how Carter will react once in our apartment.  It may be one giant meltdown - hour, after hour, after hour.  And to be honest, it will be good to know that Rachel is there, praying us to help us with whatever we need.

+IF we don't have court the last trip, Jake might not return with me.  Both parents do not need to be there for gotcha day and the paperwork that follows.  As of right now, we fully plan on him coming every time - but this might change if we have to make three trips, which would be much more expensive.  This is where Rachel's help will be VITAL.  Totally necessary.

+Once home (and settled in - maybe after Christmas), Rachel will be coming to our home once a week to help with Carter, and give me a little time to do that extra load of laundry, finish that project, or just take a long (8 hour...?!?!) nap!  Plus - we see her 2+ times a week at church.  My point is this - she's going to be a part of Carter's life.  On a regular basis, he will see her - know her - love her.

+Finally - we're bringing Rachel because we asked, and the Lord said yes.  That's good enough for me - and so it should be good enough for you, too.

Bottom line?  Love this girl.
Love ALL these girls.
And I just can't wait to see how God uses them.
Can you blame me for wanting to be a part of it?!

On a side note - Jake is one of Rachel's Youth Leaders (Jake's brother, Ben, is the other Youth Leader).  We took Rachel & Rebekah to baby Jonathan's homecoming, and as we were leaving we had to stop at the parking ticket lady on the way out of the airport.

Jake, being the salesman that he is, always tries to use a person's name when at all possible.  This lady had a name tag - Patty.

"Thanks - have a great day, Patty!"

The back seat was unusually quiet - and as Jake looked into the rear view mirror, he saw a shocked look on Rachel's face.  When he asked what was up - she said, in a completely serious & somewhat mortified tone...

"Did you just call that lady 'fatty'?!?"

Let's just say we laughed the whole way home.


When talking to Rachel at church last night, she said her bags were pretty much packed.

But she's not leaving for at least 3 weeks.

I'm leaving in 3 days.  Ask me if I'm packed :)


One Thing I Know For Sure:  Friendship knows no age - and these girls are true friends!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I try to live in the realm of reality - but it's been hard in this process.  There is so much that we want so badly to be true, that we claim it as a reality.  Nothing wrong with claiming & believing- but we need to keep in touch with reality, too.  Here are some of the (harsh?) realities of adoption...

Reality #1 - We are not saints. 
Jake & I are normal people.  In fact, I'm not even sure we'd qualify for that.  We're just 2 kids, who very soon will be 2 parents.  We're 2 kids who are doing our best to follow God's plan for our lives.  Just 2 kids, really.  We're not doing this because we're 'really good people' or 'special' - nope.  Just 2 kids.  Anyone can do this.  Anyone.

Reality #2 - We're not ready to be parents.
Were you ready to be a mom?  Was your husband ready to be a daddy?  No way.  We feel so inadequate at times.  Our first child, special needs - no less.  What do we have to offer him?  What can we possibly give him?

Love.  And that's what we'll do.  Because some days, we feel that's all we'll have to offer.  We're excited. Really excited.  Thrilled.  Ecstatic.  Can.Not.Wait.

But there is a piece - maybe a big piece - that just screams "I'm not ready for this!".  And that's okay.

Reality #3 - You have no idea what we're going through.
Unless you've done it, you just don't know.  And by 'done it' - I don't mean had kids.  I mean adopted a child with special needs, internationally.  You're clueless - just admit it.  And that's okay, too.

Just know that it's hard.  It's lonely.  It's sometimes terrifying.  We need your love, your prayers, your encouragement.  We do not need (or want) your opinions.  They don't matter.  I'm sorry if that hurts you - but it's the truth.

Reality #4 - We might not come home with Carter.
We've known this from day one - and I've debated sharing it here, because I don't want to scare our family & friends.  But I've decided that if something should happen, I'd like to have those questions answered now - and not have to answer them in the middle of a dark valley.

There is a chance that Carter has been adopted, or is not available to be adopted.  This does not happen often - it's rare, in fact.  But it does happen.  It would not be the fault of anybody.  Not us, not Reece's Rainbow, not Carter's government.  This country does not pull the child's paperwork from their file until the parents are there, sitting in the office.  Therefore, Carter could be adopted days before we get there, by someone else.

If that happens, then we grieve.  We cry.  And we move onward.  And after much prayer, we trust God to show us who our child is.

Because we don't know who our child is.  But our big God does know.  He's known since the beginning of time who our child would be.  We're trusting Him - even in difficult situations like this.

Of course we're praying that this isn't the case - Carter has already found a home in our hearts, and we hate the thought of bringing someone else home.  But it's possible.  And those would be the moments that we don't need your opinion.

Reality #5 - Attachment sometimes sucks.
Excuse my lingo - but I'm being blunt.  It's hard.  It's a long & laborious journey.  It doesn't happen over night.  It may take months - even years - to feel fully attached and connected.  In fact, we may never feel like we're completely connected.  And that's okay.  All we can do is offer him everything we have.  All we can do is totally put ourselves out there, and pray it works.

Attachment starts in the orphanage.  With each visit, our goal is to gain his trust and get to know him.  We're not just going there to play with him.  We're going there to begin connecting.  It's the foundation of attachment.

Reality #6 - We may be in Carter's country a long, long time.
We may even need to make 3 trips, instead of 2.  The way court works in the capital city (where we'll be) is like court in Washington D.C. vs. court in little old Winnebago County.   Our court date might not be until 4-5 weeks after we get there.  After court, there is a 10 day waiting period, and then another week or so of paper chasing.  We're hoping and praying that Carter will be home by Thanksgiving - but it just might not happen that way.  That's just how the process goes, and we're going to do our best to be flexible.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Sometimes...reality stinks!

Things I Never Shared :)

Nothing deep or intriguing here - just a few things that I don't think I've ever shared on this blog, and I wanted to share them before we leave (in SIX days!!!)....   :)


A larger photo of Carter - I just like to see his little foot sticking up :)


Our Prayer Cards - these were VITAL - we passed them out to everyone we knew!  I still see them fall out of peoples Bibles at church, and on different families refrigerators!  If you're going thru this process - DO print prayer cards!!!  Comment if you'd like more info on how we did ours.


Our posters for the Carter Benefit - no, that's not cyrillic writing below the RSVP (haha)...It's my speedy attempt at blurring out Jeanne's phone number :)  Don't want her getting prank calls at 3:00am :)


My shower invitations :)  Just for fun....


This is the slide we showed on the screen when we announced our adoption to our church family....


All of our apostilled documents...ready to be shipped (from back in August)!


I think that's it!  Thanks for sharing in our journey, and following along!!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Almost there!

Monday, September 26, 2011

6 Days & Counting!

Things are a bit crazy around here.  There are lists flying all over the place....Pre-Travel To-Do, Pre-Travel To-Buy, Packing Lists, never-ending lists!!

The laundry pile is slowly shrinking, and soon everything will be ready to go into the suitcase.

The last minute purchases are being made - travel toiletries (a few of each - because this girl uses tons of shampoo & conditioner!), toys for Carter to play with on our visits, and a few more odds & ends.

I even ordered some scentsy items from the Prevost's adoption fundraiser today, in hopes that I'll get it before we travel.  I want some of those travel tins - never know what Eastern European apartments might smell like!

The to-do list is ever fluctuating - as soon as I cross something off, I think of something else to add.  Such is life, I suppose.


Tonight, we'll get tons of answers (because this couple has ALL the answers...right, Pat & Jill?!).  We're going out to dinner with our friends, who have done this little adoption trip to this little Eastern European country - not once, but twice in the last 10 months.

I have a list of questions all written out, although - the list seemed much, much longer in my head.  We'll see what we get accomplished tonight :)


I had so much fun this morning, doing artsy-creative stuff!  I designed (over the past few days) and posted a totally new blog layout for the Prevost family!  Go check it out!  It makes me want a new design for myself!  Maybe after we get that boy home.  Yea - then I'll have tons of time on my hands.



Did I mention that I've come down with a nasty chest cold?  Well, I have.


But - I did get some homemade 'Jewish Penicillin' out of it :)  No, we're not Jewish.  But we do love our chicken dumpling soup.  My sweet grannie made some for me today, and I can't wait to enjoy it.

Jake - you're not sick, so I don't think you get any :)

Praying this cold goes away - SOON!  I've got too much to do to be lounging on the couch!

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Now I can go cross 'post new blog' off one of those lists!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Day of Lasts....

Today was the day.  My last day at work.


It was full of 'lasts'.

The last day I'll get good morning snuggles from those squirrel-y girls.  The last day I'll hold that little sweetie's hand when she gets on the bus.  The last day I'll put little ones down for their much-needed naps.

It wasn't nearly as emotional as I thought it would be.  It was just like any other Friday.

Until nap time.  As they all hugged & kissed me before I left, I knew that in their 4-year-old minds, they understood.

One little lady fell asleep before I could say goodbye.  I was so bummed.  I wanted so badly to give her one last hug.  So I woke her up....  :)

She put her arms around me - and I told her that she was a good girl, and that God loved her so much.   That's when I lost it.

Then it came time to take one special friend to the school bus.  I was dreading this - but I knew eventually it would come.  I hugged her, and she said "stay.  stay.  stay.  stay.  stay.  stay."....I reminded her that Carter needs his momma, and on the bus she went.  I'm sure she had forgotten about the entire exchange just moments after she got on the bus.  But I didn't forget.  I won't forget...for a very long time.

There's something about walking away from these kids that have taught me so much.  It's hard. I know there are beautiful things on the horizon.  But this 'job' has taught me so much.  Patience.  Unconditional love.  Kindness.  Respect.

There were also several parents today that had tears in their eyes as they said goodbye.  And I realized that they get it.  They get that we love their kids - we don't just teach them, or guide them - no, we love them.  And they're grateful that we love them...because they know that their kids need all the love they can get.  Unique relationships have been built...and I'm so grateful.

Right before I left, it was time to say goodbye to some special teachers...there were some tears, some 'I love yous', and lots of hugs....because after this long, there is a special, unique bond.  Some of them are not just co-workers, but friends that I get to spend the whole day with.

Just a few of the ladies I love......!

Miss Lauren...such a beautiful woman, inside & out...

Miss incredible teacher for over 30 years...

Walking down that long hall for the last time today, I couldn't help but think of one of the first times I ever walked it. My job there literally fell into my lap.  I was finishing my first semester of college.  Jake was away at college in the Twin Cities.  I was hopeful, young(er) :), and enthusiastic.   Little did I know that I wouldn't move on until almost 8 years later.  What a journey this has been.  What an adventure.   I never thought I'd be a preschool teacher for so long...or maybe I just doubted that I would survive seven+ years of 3 & 4 year olds :)  Everyone should spend 7 years of their lives with just wouldn't believe the things they taught me.

As one teacher put it - "You're ending this chapter, but starting a new one".  And I'm excited about taking what I've learned from the last chapter, and applying it to the new one.

Then,  I walked out of the building - telling myself this was the last time.  The last time I would check out, the last time I would walk out of those doors.  The last time I would walk to my car.  The last time.

And, in true Ashley Gibson form, I realized my keys were in my classroom.

Okay, so I guess that wasn't the last time.


I hopped in the car, and just needed a good cry.  So I turned on this song...because it gets me every time.  I know - it's a Christmas song, but somehow it fits this journey we're on.  Don't judge :)

And then, to liven things up before I pulled in the driveway, I belted out this song...ain't no mountain too high, baby.

Looking back, it's clear...this is the place God had for me.  He is so good in allowing me this amazing opportunity.  I'll be forever grateful for my time at this place.

And now, well - now it's time to move on.

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Teaching preschoolers is tough...tell your kid's teacher that you value her, are grateful for her sacrifice, and remind her that your kids love

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Apparently all this travel talk has really gotten to us.  Today - we realized how much.

I need new contacts before we travel - or I just won't have enough to make it through the trip.  While I was at work today, Jake made me an appointment.  He stopped in at work to tell me it was scheduled for 1:30.

So far, so good.

When I pulled up to what I remember to be our optometrist, I thought I should call Jake, just to make sure it was the right place.

"It's Anderson, right?"

"Anderson?!  NO!  It's the one by the movie know - Wisconsin Vision."

Then I hear laughing in the background.

And then Jake is laughing.

And he says "Wait - the place by the movie theater is where we go - but it's called Stellar Vision.  I accidentally made the appointment at Wisconsin Vision."

And I was at Anderson Vision.

Stressed much?

One Thing I Know For Sure: New contacts in...and I'm takin' a much needed nap.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Have a DATE!

Today, we got our travel date.  I can not believe it.

After months of almost doesn't seem real.

Am I dreaming?!  Pinch me.  Now.

Because our SDA appointment is....

Which means we will be getting on an airplane on Sunday, October 2nd....

Which means we're leaving in less than two weeks!!


I'm feeling ill.

Now - it's go time.  My list is a mile long.  Packing, planning, preparing...ohhh my goodness.

We're coming, little buddy!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Two weeks from today.....!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Odds & Ends

Today I was at the grocery store (my least favorite chore...actually - Jake usually does the grocery shopping, because he doesn't mind it...and I loathe it...!).  I was getting a few staples that we just ran out of....mayonnaise, ketchup, etc...and I thought "The next time I need to buy these, there will be a little boy in this cart."

Now that's crazy.  

I also washed these - a shower gift from Saturday, and put them in Carter's special drawer :)  

And...I learned an important lesson.

Do not leave doggy boy unattended in Carter's room.

I was doing dishes - Carter's door must have been open, and before I knew it, I heard the dreaded prancing.  

Prancing is never good.  

Recognize this guy?  

Okay...NOW do you recognize him?

Poor guy, lived such a short, uneventful life.  Sorry little dino.  


Last night, I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful family - one I love very much!  For their youngest's first birthday, we gave him (or...I guess we gave Jill & Pat...) a 'certificate' for a family photo shoot.  

We had so much fun  :)  And all of the kids cooperated...for the most part...!  I'd say that 32 finished photos isn't too bad for a family of nine (with some very little ones!).  

Afterwards, they promised their kids ice cream.  It works every time!  And they treated the photographers, too :)

Just a few of my favorite candids from the night...

I'm absolutely in love with every single photo...but I'll have to let Jill share the rest :)

Can't wait for our first 'family' photo session!  


Fall is in full swing here in Wisconsin.  I love this season, and I'm glad that I won't be spending all of it in Carter's country.  Although, their fall is probably a lot like ours.  It's not the same as home, though.  

I've already got the dish of candy corn sitting on the counter (and Moses has a new laying spot directly next to the counter...).  And tonight is an apple crisp night.  

Can't wait to dig in :)


Hopefully - tomorrow is the day.  I really - really - so - so - so - SO hope that you'll see a 'we got a date' post here.


One Thing I Know For Sure: Tomorrow can't come soon enough....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Showered With Blessings :)

This weekend, some incredible ladies absolutely blessed me.  My family threw a shower in my honor....and it was so good to have all those ladies surrounding me - supporting me - encouraging me - loving me - standing with me.

It was like they were saying "You can do this!".

We opted to have a 'Target Gift Card' shower - because we just won't know what Carter needs until after our first trip.  We also had a drawing for anyone who brought a pack of diapers :)

Let's say we're good to go on diapers for a while :)

So - forgive me if you don't come here for the pictures...because I'm sharing lots of them in this post :)

Here I come :)  And my 'helper' carrying the card box :)  

Ok - so I was told these weren't meant to be drank out of.
Drank?  A word?
I don't know. 

Admiring my cake - my mom made it!  

And my mom also made these adorable cookies!

Notice the little name on the side of the wagon?
LOVE it!!
My Auntie Kristi led us in the Purse game.  I know - nobody likes shower games - but this one is fun!  She read off items on a list, and we had to look for that item in our purse.  Whoever had the most items won prizes :)  See - easy, and fun...!

Apparently, looking in my purse got me totally sidetracked, and I just had to reapply....    :)
Gummi had a small pharmaceutical company in her purse.
And even after the game was over, she was still searching for that darn coupon that she just knew was in there :)

Mama Juli whippin' out the swiss army knife.
Don't mess with this girl!

One of the items was gum.
Well - Lisa had one better....
Already chewed gum :)

Just a few of the people I love, that showed up to support me :)

Jake's Grandma Ann :)

Susie Q :)

Kala & Lauren :)

And...I guess it wouldn't be a shower without the mama-to-be giving a little talk :)  I don't remember anything I said - other than when we'll be traveling (which we don't know) and how long we'll be gone (which we also don't know) - so like I said - I have no idea what I talked about.  :)

Add caption
Add caption

A gift from Carter :)

Cute, huh?  I felt just like June Cleaver :)
I'm sure that will all change, once there is smashed egg all down the front...
a pancake on the floor.....
bacon grease all over the stove....
and a hungry boy waiting for breakfast :)

So - thank you notes are almost done (I've got 3 to go...and I'm taking a hand is useless right now...) and I can start planning for the next!


Really - it was a perfect day.  Am I the only one that has dreamt about my baby shower?  Is that weird? Well - this is exactly what I had imagined.  I felt totally honored and blessed.  

And then Jake told me.  


He told me that after talking to a few people from church, it seems like many of the invites never made it to the intended recipients.  


I don't know what happened.  I have no idea.  Every single invite had a return address label, stamp, address - they were all put into the same mailbox, on the same day, at the same time.  

We sent out over 100 invites, and I think there were about 55-60 that actually made it.  The rest are floating around somewhere at the post office.

I feel just awful about it.  I feel awful for the people who heard about the shower, and wondered why they weren't invited (because they were!!).  And I feel awful that some people that I love very much were not there to celebrate with me on my special day.  

There were so many that I wanted there.  And they weren't.  

Because of the stinkin' post office.  


I will not let that little hiccup take away from the beautiful day, though.  It was exactly what I envisioned - right down to the table decorations.  BIG thank you's to Carter's Nana, Grannie, Mimi, Auntie Marn, Auntie Kristi, Auntie Marsha, and Debbie J!  And - his cousins Katelyn & Josie, too!  

I so appreciate everything you ladies have done for me!  I love you all!


In closing, I wanted to leave you with a poem that was read at my shower.  I didn't want to cry right out of the gate, so I held back the tears.  But now that I read it again - I'm brought to a puddle of mush....  

Legacy Of An Adopted Child

Once there were 2 women who never knew each other.
One you do not remember, the other you call Mother.
Two different lives shaped to make you one.
One became your guiding star. The other became your sun.
The first one gave you life, the second taught you how to live it.
The first gave you a need for love, the second was there to give it.
One gave you a nationality, the other gave you a name.
One gave you talent, the other gave you aim.
One gave you emotions, the other calmed your fears.
One saw your first sweet smile, the other dried your tears.
One gave you up, and God led the other straight to you.

And now you ask me through your tears
The age-old question, unanswered through the years.
Heredity or environment. Which are you a product of?
Neither, my darling. Neither. Just two different kinds of love.

Some may argue that Carter's momma didn't 'give him up' because it was best for HIM - but rather, because it was best for her.  Well - I don't know.  That may be true.  But I feel that because of their culture and pressure from their society, she probably believed that she could not possibly give him a life, and that it would in fact be better for him to stay in the 'baby house'.  

I do believe she wanted what was best for Carter.  She was just misinformed.  Lied to.  By her society & culture.  And that's okay.

Because now - Carter is going to have a better life. 


Don't forget - if you haven't ordered Scentsy yet, now is the perfect time!  Their fall scents were revealed over the weekend...go and check them out!  Now there's no need to bake that apple pie - just buy the brick from Scentsy and fake it!  That's what I plan to do :)  

Remember that proceeds of this fundraiser go to the Prevost family - they plan to bring home their little boy from China in the next few months and need our help!  

Please - go here and buy!  Click 'Adding A Branch To Our Tree' fundraiser so it counts toward their adoption!


And - as far as I know, this should be the week.  

I'm not getting my hopes up.  

But...on Wednesday, we should hear about a SDA appointment/travel date.  

And now Wednesday can't come soon enough.


Until next time.....

One Thing I Know For Sure: I am so - so - so - so - so - so - so blessed.  Thanks, ladies.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


No date yet.  Still waiting.  Hopefully soon....?

Enjoy this instead...totally cracked me up.


One Thing I Know For Sure: Can't wait to be 'in the muthahood' :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

This & That

No - we don't have our travel date yet.  I assume we will hear tomorrow.  But then again, who knows!  We are already starting to understand, before we even step foot in this country, that things happen in their time- and nobody can rush them.  I guess it's a good lesson to learn now - before we get there.  We are certain that there will be tons of 'hurry up and wait'....and then all of a sudden 'be ready to leave in 3 minutes!'.

The 'type-A' in me will be staying home.


This weekend was perfect.  My favorite kind.  Friday was crazy - I came home from work at 1:00p to find that Jake had taken the day off to paint our bedroom!  He had most of the priming done, and we finished the priming and 2 coats of paint by bedtime!  Amazing!  I never, ever, EVER thought we'd get it done in one night.

It looks like a completely different room.  No - a different house!  It was so, so dark before.  Like a cave!  I don't know why we put up with that for 5 years!  So glad it's done- thanks, babe :)

What a difference some paint makes!

Saturday was just the cherry on top.  We had a women's conference all day - and it had me on the edge of my seat, listening intently the entire 6 hours!  More on this in another post...


After the women's conference, I did an engagement shoot for some friends from church.  They took us out to an old rustic, abandoned farm that's been in their family since the 60's.

A beautiful couple - perfect location - it just doesn't get much better!

This couple is seriously in love - it shows in every.single.shot.  Can't wait to do their wedding!  The photos are guaranteed to be phenomenal!

Highlight of the shoot?  When I said "go stand in this corn field" and Liz (an agricultural expert in my eyes...!) said "That's sorghum - not corn....corn has ears.".  Oh, duh.  I totally knew that.

Editing (and gushing over) all these photos really makes me wish we had engagement photos taken...I guess I'll have our first family shoot to look forward to :)


I'm counting the minutes to this weekend.  My family is throwing me a shower...I am so beyond excited! Because of the 'unique' situation, we opted to have a 'Target Gift Card" we'll use the gift card to buy all of Carter's things in between the two trips.  This way we have an idea of how big he is, what toys would be appropriate for him, etc.  I also get out of opening gifts in front of everyone...which I don't find very enjoyable...! decide what to wear...oh geez...!


Check back tomorrow...hopefully there will be a travel date post!  Pray, people!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: This week can't go quickly enough..........!

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