Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Odds & Ends

Today I was at the grocery store (my least favorite chore...actually - Jake usually does the grocery shopping, because he doesn't mind it...and I loathe it...!).  I was getting a few staples that we just ran out of....mayonnaise, ketchup, etc...and I thought "The next time I need to buy these, there will be a little boy in this cart."

Now that's crazy.  

I also washed these - a shower gift from Saturday, and put them in Carter's special drawer :)  

And...I learned an important lesson.

Do not leave doggy boy unattended in Carter's room.

I was doing dishes - Carter's door must have been open, and before I knew it, I heard the dreaded prancing.  

Prancing is never good.  

Recognize this guy?  

Okay...NOW do you recognize him?

Poor guy, lived such a short, uneventful life.  Sorry little dino.  


Last night, I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful family - one I love very much!  For their youngest's first birthday, we gave him (or...I guess we gave Jill & Pat...) a 'certificate' for a family photo shoot.  

We had so much fun  :)  And all of the kids cooperated...for the most part...!  I'd say that 32 finished photos isn't too bad for a family of nine (with some very little ones!).  

Afterwards, they promised their kids ice cream.  It works every time!  And they treated the photographers, too :)

Just a few of my favorite candids from the night...

I'm absolutely in love with every single photo...but I'll have to let Jill share the rest :)

Can't wait for our first 'family' photo session!  


Fall is in full swing here in Wisconsin.  I love this season, and I'm glad that I won't be spending all of it in Carter's country.  Although, their fall is probably a lot like ours.  It's not the same as home, though.  

I've already got the dish of candy corn sitting on the counter (and Moses has a new laying spot directly next to the counter...).  And tonight is an apple crisp night.  

Can't wait to dig in :)


Hopefully - tomorrow is the day.  I really - really - so - so - so - SO hope that you'll see a 'we got a date' post here.


One Thing I Know For Sure: Tomorrow can't come soon enough....


  1. The pictures are great. They made me cry they are so beautiful!

  2. Too funny about little old dino....Carter better learn fast to keep his special toys away from the dog. And I am a praying that tomorrow is the day!!! Oh man I feel like I am the one waiting to hear tomorrow....you know that knot in the stomach, heart racing kind of feeling...oh can't wait to hear it!!!!

  3. Praying and feeling like a blog stalker now... I can't stop looking for the news!!!

  4. Hey, I loathe grocery shopping too! Maybe Pat and Jake can take the boys together for a "boy's night out"! LOL

    Thanks for the sneak peek! LOVE THEM!!!! :-) Glad you got both sides of the Lil' Miss! And SOO glad we did them last night and not tonight. Not only the weather, but I didn't get home until about 4:30 from Elijah's 1:15 doc appt. Prepare yourself...our little guys w/ designer genes have LOTS of follow-up tests after the appt. :-) (Blood work and x-rays today)


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