Monday, September 26, 2011

6 Days & Counting!

Things are a bit crazy around here.  There are lists flying all over the place....Pre-Travel To-Do, Pre-Travel To-Buy, Packing Lists, never-ending lists!!

The laundry pile is slowly shrinking, and soon everything will be ready to go into the suitcase.

The last minute purchases are being made - travel toiletries (a few of each - because this girl uses tons of shampoo & conditioner!), toys for Carter to play with on our visits, and a few more odds & ends.

I even ordered some scentsy items from the Prevost's adoption fundraiser today, in hopes that I'll get it before we travel.  I want some of those travel tins - never know what Eastern European apartments might smell like!

The to-do list is ever fluctuating - as soon as I cross something off, I think of something else to add.  Such is life, I suppose.


Tonight, we'll get tons of answers (because this couple has ALL the answers...right, Pat & Jill?!).  We're going out to dinner with our friends, who have done this little adoption trip to this little Eastern European country - not once, but twice in the last 10 months.

I have a list of questions all written out, although - the list seemed much, much longer in my head.  We'll see what we get accomplished tonight :)


I had so much fun this morning, doing artsy-creative stuff!  I designed (over the past few days) and posted a totally new blog layout for the Prevost family!  Go check it out!  It makes me want a new design for myself!  Maybe after we get that boy home.  Yea - then I'll have tons of time on my hands.



Did I mention that I've come down with a nasty chest cold?  Well, I have.


But - I did get some homemade 'Jewish Penicillin' out of it :)  No, we're not Jewish.  But we do love our chicken dumpling soup.  My sweet grannie made some for me today, and I can't wait to enjoy it.

Jake - you're not sick, so I don't think you get any :)

Praying this cold goes away - SOON!  I've got too much to do to be lounging on the couch!

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Now I can go cross 'post new blog' off one of those lists!

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  1. Psst.. the link is wrong. You have 'our' instead of 'my'! :) And I LOVE the prevost's blog!! Soo cute!


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