Monday, September 12, 2011

This & That

No - we don't have our travel date yet.  I assume we will hear tomorrow.  But then again, who knows!  We are already starting to understand, before we even step foot in this country, that things happen in their time- and nobody can rush them.  I guess it's a good lesson to learn now - before we get there.  We are certain that there will be tons of 'hurry up and wait'....and then all of a sudden 'be ready to leave in 3 minutes!'.

The 'type-A' in me will be staying home.


This weekend was perfect.  My favorite kind.  Friday was crazy - I came home from work at 1:00p to find that Jake had taken the day off to paint our bedroom!  He had most of the priming done, and we finished the priming and 2 coats of paint by bedtime!  Amazing!  I never, ever, EVER thought we'd get it done in one night.

It looks like a completely different room.  No - a different house!  It was so, so dark before.  Like a cave!  I don't know why we put up with that for 5 years!  So glad it's done- thanks, babe :)

What a difference some paint makes!

Saturday was just the cherry on top.  We had a women's conference all day - and it had me on the edge of my seat, listening intently the entire 6 hours!  More on this in another post...


After the women's conference, I did an engagement shoot for some friends from church.  They took us out to an old rustic, abandoned farm that's been in their family since the 60's.

A beautiful couple - perfect location - it just doesn't get much better!

This couple is seriously in love - it shows in every.single.shot.  Can't wait to do their wedding!  The photos are guaranteed to be phenomenal!

Highlight of the shoot?  When I said "go stand in this corn field" and Liz (an agricultural expert in my eyes...!) said "That's sorghum - not corn....corn has ears.".  Oh, duh.  I totally knew that.

Editing (and gushing over) all these photos really makes me wish we had engagement photos taken...I guess I'll have our first family shoot to look forward to :)


I'm counting the minutes to this weekend.  My family is throwing me a shower...I am so beyond excited! Because of the 'unique' situation, we opted to have a 'Target Gift Card" we'll use the gift card to buy all of Carter's things in between the two trips.  This way we have an idea of how big he is, what toys would be appropriate for him, etc.  I also get out of opening gifts in front of everyone...which I don't find very enjoyable...! decide what to wear...oh geez...!


Check back tomorrow...hopefully there will be a travel date post!  Pray, people!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: This week can't go quickly enough..........!

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  1. LOVE the pics- we have to talk photography sometime! Eagerly awaiting the SDA date for y'all!



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