Monday, September 19, 2011

Showered With Blessings :)

This weekend, some incredible ladies absolutely blessed me.  My family threw a shower in my honor....and it was so good to have all those ladies surrounding me - supporting me - encouraging me - loving me - standing with me.

It was like they were saying "You can do this!".

We opted to have a 'Target Gift Card' shower - because we just won't know what Carter needs until after our first trip.  We also had a drawing for anyone who brought a pack of diapers :)

Let's say we're good to go on diapers for a while :)

So - forgive me if you don't come here for the pictures...because I'm sharing lots of them in this post :)

Here I come :)  And my 'helper' carrying the card box :)  

Ok - so I was told these weren't meant to be drank out of.
Drank?  A word?
I don't know. 

Admiring my cake - my mom made it!  

And my mom also made these adorable cookies!

Notice the little name on the side of the wagon?
LOVE it!!
My Auntie Kristi led us in the Purse game.  I know - nobody likes shower games - but this one is fun!  She read off items on a list, and we had to look for that item in our purse.  Whoever had the most items won prizes :)  See - easy, and fun...!

Apparently, looking in my purse got me totally sidetracked, and I just had to reapply....    :)
Gummi had a small pharmaceutical company in her purse.
And even after the game was over, she was still searching for that darn coupon that she just knew was in there :)

Mama Juli whippin' out the swiss army knife.
Don't mess with this girl!

One of the items was gum.
Well - Lisa had one better....
Already chewed gum :)

Just a few of the people I love, that showed up to support me :)

Jake's Grandma Ann :)

Susie Q :)

Kala & Lauren :)

And...I guess it wouldn't be a shower without the mama-to-be giving a little talk :)  I don't remember anything I said - other than when we'll be traveling (which we don't know) and how long we'll be gone (which we also don't know) - so like I said - I have no idea what I talked about.  :)

Add caption
Add caption

A gift from Carter :)

Cute, huh?  I felt just like June Cleaver :)
I'm sure that will all change, once there is smashed egg all down the front...
a pancake on the floor.....
bacon grease all over the stove....
and a hungry boy waiting for breakfast :)

So - thank you notes are almost done (I've got 3 to go...and I'm taking a hand is useless right now...) and I can start planning for the next!


Really - it was a perfect day.  Am I the only one that has dreamt about my baby shower?  Is that weird? Well - this is exactly what I had imagined.  I felt totally honored and blessed.  

And then Jake told me.  


He told me that after talking to a few people from church, it seems like many of the invites never made it to the intended recipients.  


I don't know what happened.  I have no idea.  Every single invite had a return address label, stamp, address - they were all put into the same mailbox, on the same day, at the same time.  

We sent out over 100 invites, and I think there were about 55-60 that actually made it.  The rest are floating around somewhere at the post office.

I feel just awful about it.  I feel awful for the people who heard about the shower, and wondered why they weren't invited (because they were!!).  And I feel awful that some people that I love very much were not there to celebrate with me on my special day.  

There were so many that I wanted there.  And they weren't.  

Because of the stinkin' post office.  


I will not let that little hiccup take away from the beautiful day, though.  It was exactly what I envisioned - right down to the table decorations.  BIG thank you's to Carter's Nana, Grannie, Mimi, Auntie Marn, Auntie Kristi, Auntie Marsha, and Debbie J!  And - his cousins Katelyn & Josie, too!  

I so appreciate everything you ladies have done for me!  I love you all!


In closing, I wanted to leave you with a poem that was read at my shower.  I didn't want to cry right out of the gate, so I held back the tears.  But now that I read it again - I'm brought to a puddle of mush....  

Legacy Of An Adopted Child

Once there were 2 women who never knew each other.
One you do not remember, the other you call Mother.
Two different lives shaped to make you one.
One became your guiding star. The other became your sun.
The first one gave you life, the second taught you how to live it.
The first gave you a need for love, the second was there to give it.
One gave you a nationality, the other gave you a name.
One gave you talent, the other gave you aim.
One gave you emotions, the other calmed your fears.
One saw your first sweet smile, the other dried your tears.
One gave you up, and God led the other straight to you.

And now you ask me through your tears
The age-old question, unanswered through the years.
Heredity or environment. Which are you a product of?
Neither, my darling. Neither. Just two different kinds of love.

Some may argue that Carter's momma didn't 'give him up' because it was best for HIM - but rather, because it was best for her.  Well - I don't know.  That may be true.  But I feel that because of their culture and pressure from their society, she probably believed that she could not possibly give him a life, and that it would in fact be better for him to stay in the 'baby house'.  

I do believe she wanted what was best for Carter.  She was just misinformed.  Lied to.  By her society & culture.  And that's okay.

Because now - Carter is going to have a better life. 


Don't forget - if you haven't ordered Scentsy yet, now is the perfect time!  Their fall scents were revealed over the weekend...go and check them out!  Now there's no need to bake that apple pie - just buy the brick from Scentsy and fake it!  That's what I plan to do :)  

Remember that proceeds of this fundraiser go to the Prevost family - they plan to bring home their little boy from China in the next few months and need our help!  

Please - go here and buy!  Click 'Adding A Branch To Our Tree' fundraiser so it counts toward their adoption!


And - as far as I know, this should be the week.  

I'm not getting my hopes up.  

But...on Wednesday, we should hear about a SDA appointment/travel date.  

And now Wednesday can't come soon enough.


Until next time.....

One Thing I Know For Sure: I am so - so - so - so - so - so - so blessed.  Thanks, ladies.


  1. That "Legacy" poem was given to us at our adoption training. I LOVE IT! Great shower gal!!

  2. What a beautiful day for a beautiful Mommy!!! Thanks for making me "a puddle of mush" right before I have to walk into the gym for a volleyball game:) I'm so happy for you and I can't wait til Wednesday to hear when your appointment is. I haven't got out yet to get Olivia's blanket, hopefully tomorrow.. Take care and my prayers are with you, Jake and Carter!

  3. Awesome!!! Such a bummer about the invites. :-( It was a wonderful time and so glad we were able to make it. Such an awesome family you have!

    Can't wait until Wed! To hear about the travel date and hopefully see the photos from tonight! :-) Thanks again! You're awesome!

  4. I love that poem ;- (tears). And I adore that last picture of you surrounded by balloons. What a cool shot. And a great cake! You are so blessed.


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