Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Top 10-ish Photos of 2016

Yes, things are getting lazy around here. In 2015, I did a 'Top 15' post. In 2014, I did a 'Top 14' post.

It's 2016 we're talking about, and a 'Top 16' just seems like too much. 

So we're back at 'Top 10'. Well, 10-ish. 

It's my blog. I can do what I want.

In chronological order, here are my favorite photos of 2016. 

The photos that make my heart say 'awwww...' :) These are the photos that someday, I'll peruse while my kids are away at college, and I'll wonder where the time/pudgy arms/cheesy grin/wispy hair went. 


Sweet baby girl, first time in the water while on our family vacation in Florida. No fear, just all in. The cold temps didn't stop her from having the time of her life. This is typical-Macy.


A little crawling sister, who always looked to investigate all the fun stuff in her big brother's room. The smile, the tongue...the sweetness is almost too much. Pure sunshine, gazing right back at me every single day.


This is what growing independence looks like. This was a year of changes for Carter, and he handled most of them well. We had been pushing him more in all areas of independence - and tooth brushing was one area he really seemed to pride himself in.  Way to go, buddy. You can do just about anything you set your mind to.


Possibly my first-ever picture of anyone other than our kids :) Our vacation to St. Maarten was a great way to recharge and refresh - and connect with two dear friends.



Eight years old and couldn't be happier. This grin is the real-deal. How did we get so lucky?



With summer comes bare feet and squinty eyes, and life happens on the back patio. This little lady enjoyed really exploring outside for the first time this summer, and she showed us that she is an exciting mix of 'little lady' and 'tom boy'.



Jammies and bubbles - almost a daily occurrence in the summer. Those lips don't lie - dude is an experienced bubble blower.


Sometimes the best photos are taken on a phone, on a whim. Sneaking a kiss from a busy one year old is hard to do, and deserves to be documented.


This photo is cute, but the memory tied to it is what landed it here on my list. This was taken moments before the 'sea plane' pulled up to our dock in St. Germain. There was so much tension, I thought we might all explode. Would Carter be brave, and face his fear to ride the sea plane? Would this be a giant flop? Would we all regret this idea?

Carter CAN.



There is something so special to me about a little boy and his mom. This little boy still needs and wants his mama, but some day that might change. For now, I'll just soak up all the good stuff and enjoy the fact that he actually likes me.

(I said 10-ish, remember?)

The big announcement - Baby Gibson due March 2017. Are we crazy?  Why so soon?  Aren't we going to be overwhelmed?  Who has three kids these days, anyway?  We do. Can't wait to welcome this new treasure into our lives and into our family.


I snapped this photo while taking our family photos, and I can't help but like it. "Daddy - BONK!".  These two have a special connection that sometimes doesn't make sense to me, but I like it. Lots of laughs, mixed with a few tears, usually Macy's :) She's a spitting image of her daddy, and I'm not just talking about her appearance. I see many, many loving 'head bonks' in their future.

That's all, folks. Looking back to remember is good - but now we move forward to 2017.

Baby BOY coming in just 4-ish weeks, bringing many changes to our well-oiled machine.

Tiny one-year-old, soon turning TWO, causing this mama to stop and reassess and take inventory of what was and what could have been better.

Second Grader - in for some enormous changes in the fall, asking God even now (yes, 8 months in advance) for unique ways to prepare him and set him and his new team up for success.

It was a great year. Here's to another.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Embracing the good stuff!

Want more? Here are my lists from previous years :)

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