Friday, January 08, 2016

Top 15 of 2015 (aka 'my fave post of the whole dang year')

I started this tradition of spending the first week of the New Year looking back at the previous year in 2012. Carter had been home a few months and, being a new mom, I wanted to remember where we had come from before moving forward.  

So here I am, again, sharing my favorite 15 photos from 2015. 

In chronological order, some with blog posts to go along with the photos. Grab your coffee, pick the coziest spot in your house, and remember 2015 with me.

|  1  |

Here is our sweet kindergartener - just a few weeks left of being considered an only child. Our OT would cringe if she saw how he was holding the pencil (Hi, Kathy! Oops!) - but he was in a phase where writing was fun, and it's all he wanted to do. 

Squinty eyes, dangling bare feet, tongue-sucking...all so very good.

|  2  |

Love at first sight. I will never, ever forget this day. Macy was just 9 or 10 hours old, and I couldn't breathe as I watched the new big brother peek at this little bundle. 

This was the very beginning of something beautiful and special. 

|  3  |

Our first 'outing' as a family was a walk on the Wiouwash trail near our house. Jake pushed the brand-new baby and Carter showed off his independence by running 50 steps ahead, then turning around to run back and give high-fives. 

Sunshine boy is happiest when he can be wild and free. 
Not encumbered by walls or doors, but free to run and roam.

|  4  |

I no longer remember Macyn being this small, even though it was only 8 or so months ago. Carter loved to watch her as she squirmed and wiggled. Not interested in touching her (like he is now) - he was content to keep his distance. 

Hands folded, eyes full of curiosity - can you see why I like this photo?!

|  5  |

Itty Bitty Baby - just one month old, and a mommy who desperately wanted to slow down time.

|  6  |

This picture perfectly represents my days at home with Macy.  With Carter being in school all day, we had lots of free time. This was Macyn's demeanor almost 24/7...what can I say.  She's pretty awesome.

|   7   |

It's still hard to believe that we have a seven year old. A first grader.  He may be getting older and more independent, but those lips of his have not changed much over the years!

|   8   |

I really enjoy taking a photo, and thinking to myself "I think I will treasure this photo for the rest of my life." - this one is a keeper. 

|   9   |

Bye-bye pavlik hip-harness! Hello pool!

|  10  |

This shows the budding relationship between our two Gibson babies. Carter was enjoying some iPad time when Macy figured out how to scoot her way over to him :) That was the end of that! Now Carter does iPad on the table!

|   11   |

Blowing his beloved train whistle on vacation in St. Germain - dude melts me with the eyes. This photo represents so much hope for us. Carter had recently gone through a very dark phase. Prior to vacation, we made a few tweaks to Carters routine and lifestyle.  Slowly - s  l  o  w  l  y - the 'old' Carter began to peek through. Smiles returned. Eventually, even the big-belly laughter came back - and has not left us since. 

But this picture - this was the start of Carter's 'awakening'.  Hope. Tons of hope.

|   12   |

If I could sum up Carter's 2015 in one word, it would be 'Independence'.  Carter has grown in this area so much. Here he is on the boat in St. Germain - no longer needing to sit next to mom and dad, or squeeze someones neck. 

Because, guys, he's seven! Seven year old boys do things their own way. Duh, guys.

|  13  |

Anyone that knows Carter will understand this picture. Carter is very enthusiastic about trains. For NaNa's birthday gift, we went to the Milwaukee Zoo. Carter was there for the train :) We only rode it twice - but Carter would have been happy to ride it all day long. 

|   14   |

The only thing better than kisses from a seven-year old boy, are kisses from a seven-year old boy on Christmas Morning.  In Santa jammies.  With quiet Christmas music in the background.  And cinnamon rolls in the oven. Yes - our Christmas was THAT good. 

|   15   |

Have you enjoyed watching their relationship blossom in these 15 photos? Me, too.  This is where we end.  This explains the love they have for each other, perfectly. Macy might be 7 years younger than Carter. Carter might have a hard time showing affection to others (LOL FOR DAYS). But guess what? They are brother + sister.  It's obvious they love each other. What else matters?


This is possibly the first year that I haven't shared extra photos. My first instinct is to feel bad about it - because, WHERE ARE ALL THE PICTURES? 

But then I realize that I spent more time being part of the memories, instead of just taking photos of them. That's a good place to be. 

2015 was full - 2016 looks like it might be even fuller.  More full.  Filled more.  I'm going with more full.  

One Thing I Know For Sure: "We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."

Want more?

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