Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vacay Goodness.

We just got home from spending six whole days in sunny dreary Florida with Jake's Grandparents.  Both kids traveled like champs - we had several people on both flights gush over how well behaved our two kids were.

(We know they are.  We can't take any credit.  They just happen to be awesome kids.)

Yes, the weather was dreary. We had one whole day that was warm enough to ditch the sweatshirts and head to the beach.  

It's okay! Don't feel bad for us! We were together.  It was good.

We spent some time at the Naples Zoo - Carter was disappointed that there was no 'zoo train'. But his disappointment quickly disappeared when we told him that THIS zoo had a Monkey Island Boat Ride. 

Both kids enjoyed it. 

And, can you tell they're sibs?

The giraffes wanted nothing to do with the big leafy greens that were offered to them, but Carter enjoyed watching them from afar.

We spent one afternoon walking the Naples Pier & Beach.

We were chilly, but together.

And, of course:

Mama could get used to this.  I think Carter could, too :)

Here, you'll see what we did on our one nice, sunny day:

Macy took a few minutes of observing the sand before she was okay with it.

But then, she was all-in.

And here you'll see Mr. Independent - no Dads necessary.  This guy can fill up his own bucket with water.

Unless there is a bird nearby.  Then:
1. Throw Bucket
2. Run to Your Mommy

It was so fun to watch Carter fill this little bucket with water, dump it in his 'pool' (made by Dad), and play like a little boy should.

Remember our last beach vacation?  Here's our chubby little 4 year old from 2013:

And now, our brave, independent, strong 7 year old:

How did that happen? Waaaah.

We had lunch on the beach. OF COURSE.
(lobster roll & mahi sandwich, thankyouverymuch) 

Since we knew this would be the one and only nice day (have I made it clear yet that we only had one nice day?) we decided to get in some pool time.

It turns out, Macy is a little fish. She loved the chilly water, and was all smiles with her Daddy.

Carter, on the other hand, was happy to sit on the step and play with boats and squirt guns.

And spit water.

And lounge in the hot tub.  Kid knows how to vacation.

Throw in a little shopping, some crab (in the form of legs and cakes) and conch fritters, and lots of special memories with the 'Greats' and you have a perfect vacation.

Thanks, Grandpa & Grandma, for welcoming us into your home! Thanks for putting up with the toys and the crumbs and the fridge full of kid-food and only having one vehicle and your guest room looking like a tornado went through it and having a sleeping baby in the office....whew.

All so we could have a week together.

One Thing I Know For Sure: We were together - and together is good.

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  1. Gosh your pictures are so good! The one of Carter a few years ago compared to now, you could really see the difference! And your daughter, what a cutie! Good idea to get in all the sun you could! :)


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