Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 14 of 2014 :)

It's time for one of my favorite yearly traditions.  I sit down with my favorite drink (lately - orange juice), and listen to my favorite music (lately - this), and pick out my favorite photos from the year.

This year left me slightly disappointed.  It's been quite the year, folks.  Moving into a new house, an exhausting first trimester with an almost-kindergartener pulling me in every direction, and lots of other things in between.  

Which means that my camera spent most of the year in it's cozy bag.  Poor camera.  

But, I was able to find 14 pictures from 2014 that made me feel all the feels when I skimmed through them.  So here they are, in chronological order, with my thoughts on each one :) Some even have a blog post linked to the photo, if your coffee is extra hot and you're looking for something to do :)

A date night with my favorite, favorite person in the whole wide world.

Let's do more of these, mmmkay? Spending time with you is my favorite pastime.

Can I say 'favorite' any more than I already have?  You're my favorite.

A little boy, getting acquainted with his new lake, just down the road from his new house.  

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Little did we know that all summer long, he would beg and plead for us to walk him to this special, quiet spot.  He'd even make a trip by himself...because he's so sneaky like that.

(Thankfully, he was dragging a garden hoe behind him, and we happened to have the windows open that day - otherwise, we would have never even known that he was running down the road. Parents of the year!)

Mommy's little helper.

The set up in our kitchen is perfect for a little boy who always likes to be in on the action.  Until the mixer comes out.  Then he's happy being anywhere but the kitchen.  I love this little smile - like he thinks he's really getting away with something stinkerish.

A little boy's (and proud dad's) first baseball game.

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It was a season of trying new things - and Carter loved every second.  Baseball is definitely his sport - he loves watching it (and even asks for it now, in December), but playing it brought his love to a whole different level.

Goodbye '5' - Hello '6'!

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Possibly one of my favorite Carter photos of all time.  I think you can see why.

Some exciting news from the Big Brother!

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He has no idea of what's coming, does he?  But he's awfully cute, anyway.  We took these pictures quick before heading to a church event, and it was next to impossible to keep our lips zipped about the secret photos that we had just taken.

Which makes me think: one of the most exciting parts of the first trimester?  Having a super special, super big, super fun secret that only you and your 'favorite person in the whole world' know.

Happy little vacationing family.

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Taken just after sharing the baby news with Jake's family in Saint Germain.  Carter's genuine, silly smile just knocks my socks off.

Summer Boating - Carter's favorite pastime.

Look at that cheesy grin.  He's a summer boy, for sure.

Last day before Kindergarten. Sniff.

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Obviously, Carter helped himself to pretzels this day.  Which is part of what I love about this picture. It celebrates his growing independence.  He was able to get his own bowl, find the pretzels, pour them into his bowl which was waiting for him on the couch, and then put the pretzels away.  All while mom was in the bathroom :)

Happy 30th Birthday :)

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My twenties were good and full and nearly perfect.  What will my thirties hold?

It's a girl!

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Horrible picture - perfect memory.  Loved sharing this moment with you, Jaker.

A nice shot from our messy, complicated, life-filled Christmas Tree Day.

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It wasn't a perfect day - and actually, most days aren't perfect.  But we're learning, right?

Family photo snuggles :)

I'm no dummy - I know that a time is coming soon when this little boy will be a big boy.  Snuggles like this will become few and far-between, until one day, when I suddenly say "I can't remember the last time I actually held Carter...".

So for now, I pick him up whenever I can.  I'm taking full advantage.

Carter's special visitor :)

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"Hiiiii, Santa! Ho, ho, ho - baaaary kikiss!"


It's fun to think about what next year's photos might look like.  Hopefully my camera will spend less time tucked away this year, and more time capturing all the good stuff that lies ahead.

If you'd like to see my 'Favorite Photo' Posts from past years, click the links below:


Happy New Year!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Good stuff behind, better stuff ahead!


  1. I have a feeling I'm going to love that favorite song! Off to listen now. God was so good to you all in 2014, can't wait to see what 2015 holds. Blessings to your family!

  2. Your photos are beautiful. What a great way to reminisce about the year gone by. I LOVE this idea. I might steal it from you for next year! But please don't be mad if I forget to give you credit, if I remember to do it, I probably won't remember who I learned it from! :) Happy New Year!


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