Thursday, March 09, 2017

Macy is Two.

Dear Macy,
Today, you are two years old. You'll ask for help today to hold up two fingers, because it's trickier than it looks. You'll sing 'happy bo-day' as you eat your green yogurt and strawberries. And this mama's heart will sing right along with you.

Two years old is special.

I remember finding out I was pregnant with you, and I secretly hoped we would have a girl.

A girl, with spunk. Maybe some sass.

And if we could have a girl with spunk and sass, but also a kind heart and a sunny disposition...well, I didn't hope for that. Because that seemed to be asking too much.

But, somehow...that's exactly what we got. A girl with sass and spunk and sunshine oozing out of every square inch. Our joy-girl, spilling love into every day. You are so much more than we ever asked for.

Soon to be our 'middle child', Daddy and I talked about you the other night.
Will she ever forgive us for turning her world upside down?
Will she get lost in the shuffle?
What if our extra-special relationship changes?
What if she loses some of her sparkle?

Macyn Joy, you can be the little Woman between two little Men. We'll help you, and teach you, and show you. We'll cherish you and nourish you. And then cherish you again. We'll use the tools we have to grow you up into everything God has created you to be.

So, between the chocolate milk in coffee mugs, and time on your 'ipap', and playing with brother's garbage trucks while he's at school, and begging to 'pway mama dowwy houth'...there will be Grace.

Grace that grows us and stretches us and changes us.

Two years old is a beautiful thing. So much wonder and excitement.

The other day, we were all playing outside in the driveway. Daddy opened up a lawn chair. A lawn chair! Something I've seen at least 700 times in my life. But you had never seen a lawn chair be opened before. You looked at the chair - and you looked at Daddy. And you said "Daddy! OH WOW!". Your genuineness stopped me.

You stared at that chair in amazement - and had a brand new reason to adore your Daddy.

I've spent time this week wishing you could stay little. The snuggles are nice, but it's not about that.

I wish you could stay little, so you never lose your wide-eyed wonder. I wish Two-Years-Old would never end, so that the genuine - vibrant - confident girl would never disappear.

And then I remember, this is Grace. The wide-eyed wonder - the genuineness - the confidence - even the sass and spunk. 

It's all attainable for a Woman flowing in Grace. This is good news, dear one.

Last year, when you turned one, I said that I can't wait to see who you ARE. Not who you're going to be, because you already are somebody.

This year, as you turn two, I've seen who you are...and I like it so much. 

Two years old, genuine and confident. 

This time next year, you will be less 'toddler' and more 'little girl'. And I'm okay with that. Growth is good - and we're all growing together. 

We love you 'tho mush'. May you always know it to be true.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Two years old, and so very special.

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