Tuesday, June 02, 2015


So this is 7.  

Seven is birthday-morning giddiness over donuts with candles.

Seven is having the control to have a donut and candle in front of you without grabbing the donut and candle.

Seven is yelling "Cha-cha-cha!" while your adoring classmates sing 'Happy Birthday'.

Seven is understanding the concept of opening gifts, and being able to do it all by yourself.
{The concept of cards and money are still lost on you, seven-year-old.  Maybe next year!}

Seven says "No bath. Shower!".
{This makes your mommy cry a little.  The bath-season of your life is over.}

Seven is filthy feet, because seven-year-old feet don't stay on patios or in kiddie pools.  They run in fresh grass and search hard for mud.
{This makes your mommy so happy.  You run, little boy.  It's what you're meant to do.}

Seven is big, brave, and independent.

Seven says "Hi, sister! Nice baby! Baby cars? Yes!".
Translation: Can I drive my matchbox cars on your belly? Yes!
Translation: Love.  It's happening, right before our eyes.

Seven is new and different, as we leave 'cuteness' behind and head toward boyhood.  The looks in the grocery store might change from adoring and curious to pity and annoyance.
{This scares your mommy a little bit, because she wants everyone to love you as much as she does}

Seven says "I vuv-oo Daaaad!".
Translation: I love you, dad.  And the best part?  We think you really mean it.

We are so excited to see where seven takes you, Carter.  There are so many good things ahead.

One Thing I Know For Sure: We vuv-oo, Carter.

Read about Carter's 6th birthday here :)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Carter! That firetruck cake is awesome!


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