Saturday, January 02, 2016

Christmas 2015

Our Christmas, in Photos.


Possibly my favorite night of the whole year.  Two little siblings, dressed and ready for church.

"Silent Night, Holy Night. All is calm, all is bright."


"Carter, let's go wake up sissy!"

We were able to spend our Christmas day relaxing.  It was so special to have this quiet time together. Carter read us books, Macy snuggled in laps, and we were able to hold off on the gift-frenzy until 10am.

Both kids seemed to understand that it was a different kind of day. Both gave us the best gifts ever: tons of snuggles.

Carter's snuggles were filled with jokes and laughter. As he grows and changes, so does his personality.  His sense of humor is developing into something all his own.

Little Miss got this push-walker.  Well, actually, she got 4.  Everyone had the same idea in mind - and it has been the perfect gift for our wannabe-walker.


Macy got her first baby doll, but I won't say which of our two kids plays with it more :)


Yes, our Christmas celebrations extended past Christmas Day!

Tummies filled with Grannies brunch, kids got spoiled with more gifts.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Such a special Christmas. Feeling so thankful.

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