Friday, August 24, 2012

Where's Waldo-Err...The Gibsons?

I'll give you some clues.  I'm wearing pajama pants (okay, so I could be at home...).  There's coffee brewing all day (hmm...this could also mean I'm at home...).  I can hear Bald Eagles calling their young outside my window (okay, not going to hear this at home....).  I've smelled like a campfire since Saturday (nope.  not home.).

We're up north.

{Side note - is 'up north' a Wisconsin thing?  
Because everyone in Wisconsin goes 'up north' to get away.  
But do people from other states go 'up north?  
Or what if you already live in the north part of your state?  
These are the things I allow my mind to wander to when I'm on vacation.}

Yes, this is a mediocre photo of a Bald Eagle taking off.
It's from the last time we were up north.  Guess who left their good lens at home?!
Not this time :)
We're relaxing.  We're laughing.  We're just 'being'.  And it's so, so great.

Interesting, this was our family photo from last year.

Missing someone?!  This time last year, our dossier had just arrived in Ukraine and was being translated while we went fishing and roasted marshmallows.  If you want to re-live those crazy days of apostilling - re-apostilling - and mailing, you can click here, here, here, and lastly - here.  I still can't believe we got everything done in time before we left for our vacation.  If we hadn't, we probably would have missed the cut-off, and instead of traveling to Ukraine in October, we would have had to wait until December or January.  Still so very thankful for this mama, and the trip to Madison that she made - JUST for us.

So amidst the boat rides and campfire laughs, I just might be feeling a little nostalgic.  Maybe even a little homesick for this place (but that's really no different than any other day - which is a completely separate post...!).

Okay, that's enough.  Back to relaxing.  And you - you should go relax, too.  In honor of my vacation :)

One Thing I Know For Sure: That cute little coffee shop around the bend might be calling my name...!


  1. oh have a great time, cant wait to see pictures:)

  2. If we go up north we end up in Nebraska...Nothing against Nebraska, but that's not my idea of vacation!


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