Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gibson Getaway 2012

We pulled into our little driveway at our little house on Saturday around lunch.  Since then, I've finished laundry, cleaned the floors (I'd like to know who was here making the floors dirty while we were gone...), and spent a whole lotta time huggin' up my boy.  Because in one week, he starts school.  Wah.  

Because I'm so busy hugging and kissing and reading and praying and chasing and playing - here's our family vacation, in pictures.  Enjoy :)

+ Carter LOVES the boat.  He signs 'boat' like a champ, and cheers 'go, go, gooo!' throughout the ride. It's a hoot.

Carter and his Dada went for a swim off the boat.  Twenty-five foot water = freezing.  We quickly moved to shallow water :)

+ We walked around at the flea market one morning, and I kid you not - this guy ate FIVE forkfuls of sauerkraut.  He devours sauerkraut, but won't eat a flippin' green bean.  Who does this?!

+ The water was pretty low this year, which means the beach area was a little mucky.  Did Carter mind?  Not one bit.

+ Some pontoon boat lovin'.

Had to include this photo of Auntie M.  Beautiful!
Also - see anything out of the ordinary on her right arm?  It looks like a sling?  I must be seeing things....  ;)

+ Carter and his Uncle Ben were playing with the beach ball in the living room.   Carter's expression just cracks me up.

+ Carter even got to go musky fishing with the big boys.  Nobody caught one this year, but Carter was obviously satisfied with the ride.

Uncle T - not smiling because he caught a musky, unfortunately.
+ Why don't I notice the nighttime sky at home?  I'll tell you why.  Because I'm too busy scurrying around, doing this & that.  Look what I've been missing out on!

+ After some go-karting (yes, Carter rode with his Dada!), Carter wanted to check out the horses.  He loves horses :)

+Mimi brought her bike and rode 14+ miles around the lake!  Forget about the fact that Jake and I almost ran her over with our car as she was coming back in the driveway...  :)

+As relaxing as vacation can be - sometimes it's a little exhausting, too :)  And sometimes, lunch tables are the perfect place for little cat naps :)

+ On Friday we headed to a quiet little spot off of an island that was just perfect for us.  We grabbed lawn chairs, packed lunches, and spent the afternoon soaking up the last few hours of our vacation.

Can you tell this spot was just right for Carter?!

+ Every year (well, last year and this year) we make vacation t-shirts.  Cliche and touristy, we know.  But that's us, I guess :)

This years t-shirts say 'Gibson Musky Guides - Still Working on Our First Fish' :)
This is my favorite outtake.  Carter's face...!  I think he knows he's sabotaging what WOULD have been a great photo :)

Out of 30+ pictures, this was the best one.  Unfortunately, Carter looks like he's about to fall asleep.  We did our best :)

That's it.  Gibson Getaway 2012.  Already looking forward to next year!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Summer is officially OVER.


  1. Sauerkraut=Ukraine? Call me crazy, maybe its something built into the genes!!!!

  2. Girl, you have got some perfect pictures here. That little one is too cute for words. Love to just give him a big hug so so sweet. are you all getting anything from this storm?

  3. Great pictures! Sling? What sling? I don't know what you're talking about. LOL

  4. I absolutely love looking at the pictures of Carter and your family! I can't believe how much he has grown since you brought him home, and now, SCHOOL!?! He is really growing up so fast! Thanks for letting us all be a part of it through your blog!

  5. Do you know what happened to Nadine at Cater's orphanage? I noticed she is off the RR site.


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