Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Since Sunday Night...

I've been emailing, calling, praying...like a crazy woman.

Here's what has happened.

On Monday
+All of our documents made it to Madison, thanks to Jill!
+Our USCIS case worker called and said she STILL has not received the requested documents that we mailed to her on Saturday.  The post office said it would be there on Monday!  She said there is a new policy that states that she cannot print our golden ticket until she has her supervisor sign off.  And she said he won't sign off on a digital copy.
+I realized that I didn't email our 'document checker' (Luda) in Carter's country a few of our documents.  I'm not sure what happened - they just totally slipped thru the cracks.  The problem is they are all being apostilled!  So I quickly emailed those documents to her!!  Big no-no!!

On Tuesday 
+The ladies doing the apostilling called and said our documents WILL be ready by Friday for sure, probably even tomorrow!!  Amazing!!!
+Jake asked the apostille ladies if they would make a big exception for us.  We need to have our golden ticket apostilled - but we don't have it yet.  ALL of our dossier must be sent together, so we can't just send it later.  Jake said "If my wife were to bring that golden ticket document when she comes down to pick up the apostilling, would you apostille that document while she waits?!".  They said YES!
+Our USCIS case worker said she still doesn't have those documents she's waiting on (I'm sure they're in a mailroom somewhere!)...but she (and her supervisor!) will make an exception and send us a digital copy of the golden ticket, so we can take that copy when I go pick up the apostilling!


Don't stop praying!!  In order to send our dossier before we leave for vacation on Saturday, we still need the following things to happen:
+Our USCIS case worker needs to receive our documents that she's waiting on, and send us the digital copy of the golden ticket (by Thursday morning)
+We need to make it down to Madison (safely!), and have favor with all of those ladies to apostille that last document while I wait
+Luda needs to approve our last few documents so we don't have to redo them, and then reapostille them...because that would really stink!

Keep praying, friends!!!!

One Thing I Know For Sure: this is a wild ride....!!!


  1. A WILD RIDE FOR SURE!!!! Love it! :-) This reminds me so much of our last days with both of our dossiers. God orchestrated every last minute detail and He will for you too! LUV it!

  2. :) Love this... reminds me of the end of our wild ride too when I drove 6+ hrs to the capitol to have the last few documents apostilled and Fed Ex'd. You're almost there momma! I agree with Jill that God orchestrated every minute! :)

  3. Ahhhh Ashley....can't believe it will happen before you leave and IT WILL. We are praying!!



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