Thursday, December 01, 2011

Clifford Love.

We got a very special package in the mail the other day.  We weren't expecting anything, but when I saw the writing on the address - I had an inkling.

Remember this story (read it if you haven't yet!!)?  I just read it for the 836th time...and I got teary-eyed.  So - it's clearly worth the read!

And then this story?

Well - that sweet family has blessed us again.

Yep - we hope to meet you, too.  Cyber friends.  They're pretty great.

And we are so, so blessed.  It's good to be loved by your friends and family, but being loved by strangers is an amazing thing.

Feeling the love from the Griffiths, for sure.


Carter has just been blowing us away lately.  He is learning so many new things - and each time we see something, Jake and I just look at each other in amazement!  He now signs 'more' and 'all done' regularly. He also claps his hands when we say 'yayyy!' and as of yesterday, he waves 'bye-bye'!  He gives kisses like a pro, and is walking like crazy.  He also shakes his head 'no', and understands when we say 'no-no'.  He really is flourishing before our very eyes.

He's been on a few outings - mostly to Target & Hobby Lobby, and he has done so great.  He just sits happily in the cart, and plays with whatever item I've just pulled off the shelf.  We're going grocery shopping for the first time today, so we'll see how that goes :)

I have to be honest - on our first few outings, I knew there was a chance that I would get not-so-nice comments or at least a few too-long stares.  Well - way to rock it, hometown.  Because I DID get comments.  Lots of them.

Comments like 'ohhh...he's SO sweet!' and 'oh my word, what a doll!'.

And those kinds of comments are fine by me.  I know a day will come when people will feel the need to give their ridiculous opinion...and when that day comes, I'll be prepared to turn it into a teaching moment - for them and my child.

But until then, I'll just be soakin' up the love.


We've got a big, full weekend coming up.  Tomorrow is girls night for this mama, and 3 fabulous ladies!  And some Christmas Tree Choppin' on Saturday.  Snow is in the forecast for this weekend - and while I usually dread it...well - I can't wait to throw some snow pants on this boy and get him out there.  Also - I'll be getting all of our homecoming photos in the mail SOON...can't wait to share them here!

I hope you spend your weekend soakin' up some serious love...that's what I'll be doing!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Clifford - Stranger Love - Puckered Kisses - Waving Goodbye - life is so, so good.


  1. Wow is right! I read the other posts with tears filling my eyes.
    to know the love others had for Carter and the sheer force of their prayers for him, what a beautiful gift.

  2. As a mom of a boy with DS that is Carter's age, I think you may be pleasently surprised by reactions you get to Carter. I have been shocked at the highly positive interactions people have with our son and our family. Changing people's minds.... :-)


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