Friday, December 02, 2011

A Boy & His Dog.

So many people have asked us how Carter is doing with Moses since this post and this post.

This was taken in St. Germain last summer.  How could anyone resist this cuteness?!
Let me put it this way - we had to return the baby gates that we had ordered.  Does that answer your question?!

Well...if you're still unsure - take a peek at this  :)

Yep - things are going pretty great.  Moses still gets the occasional scream from Carter - because sometimes Moses just doesn't know when to stop :)  I guess it's the 'dog' in him :)  When Moses is 'in' - he's ALL 'in'.  And sometimes, Carter just doesn't like the feeling of his skin being licked completely off his face.  Weird, I know...ha.

I think it's too soon to say that they're pals...but it won't be long.  After naps, Moses has to stick his nose between the bars of Carter's crib to check on him.  And Carter almost always gives a smile.  Moses has also learned that if he sits underneath the high chair really nice, Carter just might toss him a pea or a carrot.

Friendships take time to develop...and this one is no exception.  Before we know it, they'll be snuggled up on the floor, and running through the yard....TOGETHER.

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Moses is ready when you are, bud!


  1. How sweet! When we brought our daughter Grace home, she actually threw up when she met our little dog. Of course, within a week she was an expert at harassing Rosemary. Now they're buddies for sure.

  2. AWWWW love how Carter approaches with his foot... hehe

  3. LOL... they're playing footsie!! Yeah, I would say buds, definitely. :-)

  4. So sweet:) I love how Moses stops and looks at Carter, and also gives him a good leg licking. Buddies for sure!

  5. The movie of the two of them is so sweet! Thanks for sharing it!


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