Friday, April 15, 2011


This blog has been in the process of being written for over a week's been a bit busy around here!  Between new toilets, clogged drains, making room for Carter things (which equals several trips to Goodwill...), and everyday life - I've finally been able to sit down and finish this post!!  Phew!  Here goes...

There have been so many people praying for Carter long before we even knew about him.  It's been so amazing to read the response from other Reece's Rainbow mommies who have prayed for our boy.  I feel like Carter is just as much their boy as he is, ours...they have loved him through the hardest parts of his little life.  Were they there to hug him and kiss him?  No - but I'm so confident that their prayers blanketed him each night at bedtime, and kissed his cheeks each morning.  For this, we are so incredibly grateful

A few days ago, I received a comment on one of my blog posts.  It's from one of those special mommies who has loved Carter all along. each link (in order please!) to read the full story.  Don't worry - the first post will make sense once you read the second one. 

Post #1

Post #2

Post #3

Amazing, isn't it?  Look how big our God is.  What a beautiful story he is weaving.  Only Him. 

One Thing I Know For Sure: My heart is so full....


  1. I am so happy Antonio is getting a family. His precious little face was one I would go back to time and time again. I showed his pic to my friend with a ds child and she wanted him so bad. I wanted to sponsor him for Christmas Warrior but he was taken. And now he is forever spoken for. How beautiful! Can't wait to see him home.
    Cindi Campbell

  2. Awww... you made me cry! Thanks for sharing our story... a story that is just a small part of Antonio's greater story! (I mean Carter!) I am so excited to see him HOME!!!

  3. Oh my goodness Ashley!!! I thought that I had no more tears left after watching Mia's story tonight on the news. I should know by now that it is not safe to get on your blog without a box of tissues sitting next to me. Kiss that beautiful boy for me:)


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