Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Big Catch Up :)

If you've been following for a while, you'll maybe remember this post about Carter's birthday.  Well...that was weeks ago - but in this house, his birthday is still being celebrated.  He even got a gift in the mail yesterday :)  Remember this story?  If not - you must read it.  I still get emotional every time I click back to it.

Now that you're caught up - I'll get back to the birthday story.  I knew this gift was coming, because the giver told me so!  But we were still surprised and a bit giddy when we opened it :)  The family that has had Carter's photo on their Christmas tree & in their hearts for years sent Carter a birthday gift.....



Really - what a sweet gift.  Totally thoughtful, and from a family that we've never met, heck - I've never even heard that sweet mama's voice!  But boy do we love the Griffith family.


Onto other, less exciting news - we replaced our crashed computer.  I'm so glad to have a computer again, but am completely hating that we had to spend money to make it happen!  Especially considering we spent about the same amount of money just weeks ago to process our i600a document...I can't believe we spent that much just to process a document...apparently I'm still not over the shock of how much it costs to process a few pieces of paper.  Anyhow...moving right along.....

In getting a new computer, I had no idea how much time it would take to switch over and then organize all our files!  1,000+ photos later...I'm almost done.  Almost.  Computer crashes stink.  Really stink.  


Our church had our Vacation Bible School this week - I lead this fun event...and as fun as it was, I'm okay with it being over :)  Because while going to Vacation Bible School each night, I also was setting up for a 'fundraiser rummage sale' at our house.  

What a flop :)

    2 days of vacation taken 
   A whole Saturday morning used up 
+ A measly amount of money 
           Waste of time.  

Oh well.  It is what it is :)


Adoption News.  Well...actually - there is absolutely nothing to share.  With Carter's country being closed from July 11th until who-knows-when (we're praying it will be open in less than 3 months!!) we really have nothing to do.  Our dossier is practically finished, our i600a is sent off and we should be getting a fingerprinting appointment anytime now, and our fundraiser is just around the corner!  So...we wait.  And pray.  And have dreams about Carter, like the ones I've been having lately.  I'm pretty sure that some nights I can feel him in my arms.  Then I realize it's Moses...but that's another problem altogether.  


This guy.  

We've been spending a greater amount of time with him, since his mama & papa are in his former country, adopting their 7th child - Jonathan.  

This is Elijah's sign for 'Jake'  :)

Somehow...we love Carter more through Elijah.  Does that sound crazy?  I know it does.  

Spending time with this honey has made us even more antsy to get to Carter.....


You're now officially caught up on the Gibson's :)  

One Thing I Know For Sure: Instead of blogging, I should be sorting photos.....

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  1. Big smiles when I opened your blog tonight... giving is just as exciting as getting. Can't wait until your Carter can snuggle with you and the caterpillar and read it! Hugs to you!


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