Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Baby Blues

Well, well, well...our boy sure gets his photo taken a lot.  This is good - because Lord knows that once he gets home, my big old lens will be aimed at him all day long...!!

I got a phone call last night from a friend, who said she found some photos of Carter.  When I asked where, she said it was on a Eastern European website.  In Russian.  Yea.  She's crazy.

I found the same website a week or two ago...and after about 4 seconds of trying to navigate my way through the cyrillic alphabet, I totally gave up.  "What are the odds that I'll find photos of Carter, anyway?!".

Well...this friend did not give up.  Like I said, she's crazy.

She found 3 photos of Carter - and yes, it's definately Carter.  It's his hair that gives him away.

We think these photos were taken sometime between January & March of this year.

No, that's not a goat in the background...
Yes, he's playing with a doll...
No, Jake's not mad...he thinks it's stinkin' cute...

The tights are common for boys to wear in his culture.
Actually - I'm shocked that we don't have a single photo of him wearing pink.
Yes - I said pink.
In the orphanages, boys wear girl clothes, girls wear boy clothes -
as long as they're dressed, they're good to go.

Notice the drool mark on his sweatshirt?!
I think almost every photo we have of him has drool - on his face or his shirt.
Love it :)

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Love those big baby blues :)


  1. omg! he is so cuteee!! love the first pic :D

  2. First off, I DID NOT navigate with out help through that Russian website! :) I use Google Chrome which auto translates. However, I probably could have, because I know the words for Boy, Girl, Carter's city, special needs, and search. :) Photo helps too.

    Second, I about screamed in excitement when I saw them! I knew at once it was him, and it helped that I know his real name. ;) I LOVE THEM! :D

    Love you guys!

    P.S. I agree with one thing, I am crazy!!! ;)

  3. Ok what IS that goat?! He's so adorable. I love him!

  4. NaNa loves you sweet boy! I hope you feel the love and kisses I send you everyday!

  5. just added your beautiful boys picture to my blog! he is adorable. love and hugs xx


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