Friday, March 09, 2018

Genuinely Three.

"You're full of life now
You're full of passion
It's how He made you
Just let it happen"

Our Sunshine Girl is three years old. As I put her to bed last night, she said "Mama, just snuggle me some mooorrre...". It was hard to peel myself out of her bed and up the stairs.

Good night, two year old. Good morning, three year old.

I have so many favorite things about Macy right now. She's got so much happening in her mind and her soul. Her brain is so active and what's inside comes out freely.

Confidently, she speaks. Genuinely, she shares her thoughts with the world.

"But mom, that one's not my faaaavorite..."
"Mom, I'm feelin' angry right now."
"It's okay, buddy, it's okay."
"Oh, yep! I betcha!"
"Here me are!"
"Ohhh, c'mhere baby. IIII gotcha, IIII gotcha."
"Mom, I think I need some mom time."

She's so gutsy and brave as she tries some new, big phrases on for size. Sometimes she faceplants and Jake and I try hard to hold back our laughter.

Other times, she soars.

I can learn so much from this girl.

Year Two was better than anything I could have imagined. Year Two was filled with joy and snuggles and compliance and such. Year Three might be a little different.

I enter Year Three boldly and confidently, just as my three year old daughter would. I'm not a good example for someone looking for perfection. I can't teach smartness. I don't know much about lots of things.

But what I can do is inspire genuine uniqueness. That's something I grasp, and want to share with my kids.

Be you, sweet Macyn. It's better than anything else you could ever be. You have strengths that we don't have. You know and understand things in beautifully unique ways, and when you share those things it makes all of us better.

We need you.

This is how He made you. Let it happen, little lady.

As you grow and change this next year, I wonder if you'll become more concerned with what others think. What I want to tell you is "Don't worry about it! Their thoughts about you don't matter!" but instead I'll say - Dear one, why would you worry? You are uniquely you.

This is how He made you. Let it happen.

Yes, I know, it's doesn't feel good when people don't understand you. That can be super hard.

But we understand you. And you'll understand you.
(Not everyone can say that)

And we'll work it out, together.

If anyone in our home is full of life and passion, it's you. Hang on tightly to that which drives you. It will be there your whole life through. We'll help you learn what it is, and where to find it, and how to use it best.

It's how He made you. Just let it happen.

Today, you are fearless. Ever since we can remember, when you jump to us it's with incredible freedom. Whether you're on the counter, at the door of the van, on the edge of your bed, on the side of the pool - when we hold out our arms to catch you, you jump in a complete, total-abandon, here-I-come way.

You don't wonder if we'll catch you. You don't pause in fear before jumping. You don't wonder what we'll think of your flailing arms and lanky legs.

You smile, and fly.

That's what I want so much of, and I'm learning it from you.

To Macyn Joy - on your third birthday. May we be more like you every day. Thanks for teaching us. We have so much to learn.

Here we walk, into year three, bold and confident. Smile & fly.

One Thing I Know For Sure: It's how He made you. Let it happen.

(Lyrics quoted throughout this post are from this song.)

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