Sunday, June 15, 2014

Carter's First Game.

It's probably a day that men dream of when they're young.  Sort of like little girls dreaming about their wedding day.  

A son's first baseball game.  

Carter's first baseball game might not have been what a younger-Jake had imagined.

Two innings with a seventh inning stretch in between while both teams belt out "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".  Every kid hits, every kid makes it home.


Some kids with wheels.
Some kids with braces.
Some kids who take a long time to work up the gumption to swing the bat.
{Or maybe they just know when the bat swings, their turn is up} :)
Some kids who smile so big you think their cheeks will fall off.
Some tall kids, some short kids.
Some kids who would love nothing more than to run the perimeter of the field.
{That would be our kid}
Some kids who touch each base and count it when they get there ("One!" "Two!" "Three!").
{That would also be our kid}
Some kids who have a huge cheer section.
{What can I say - we are crazy blessed}

A crowd who cheers for every hit - every run - every attempt.  Two awesome coaches, and buddies.  Lots of buddies.

Carter gets to play a (short!) game, be in on the action, have fun in the outfield, and still feel like a champ.  

He gets to hear his name announced like he's a pro.  

Well, he basically is.  


Have I told you about Carter's buddy?  You probably know him.  He goes by "Uncle Ben" :)

We are so grateful for The Miracle League.

{And for the Hardee's down the road, which has Carter-approved ice cream for after-game treats}



Look at my two favorite boys.

I'd say Carter's first game was better than Jake could have ever imagined.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Play Ball!

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