Monday, December 05, 2011

A Worthy Cause

Meet the Sheffield Family.  Mama and Papa to 5 happy kiddos....soon to be 6.  They're adopting a beautiful boy.  And right now - they're working through one of the hardest parts.


It stinks.  It's hard.  Sometimes it feels like the funds will never come in.  And that's where they're at right now.

But we can help - we will help!  Right now they're holding a Scentsy fundraiser!  I've talked about Scentsy here before - I absolutely love it.  In fact, right now I'm burning 'Festive Trees'...and my house seriously smells like the most festive house on the block.  These wax pieces last forever - and the smell is amazing.  I have a large burner in my kitchen, and it literally spreads through the whole house.

This fundraiser is just in time for Christmas....

PLEASE tell me you're buying gifts for your kids' teachers.  PLEASE.
You have no idea how hard teachers work...they need to be remembered on Christmas.
These wall plugs would be a perfect gift for them!
Any NaNa would love a new warmer and a summery, 'take me away' scent!  
Or for a new mama?  This scent and warmer would be perfect for any busy lady!
Yes - they even have scents and warmers for men!
Tell them how simple it is to use, and grab a few of those man-friendly scents.
We have this one for Carter - so it's not only perfect for new babies, but also new little family members!
Know anyone who is adopting?  This would be perfect - and the scent 'Home Sweet Home' fitting!
Or, just grab a few of these fun little items and use them as stocking stuffers!

Okay - I've done my schpeel.  It's time to do some serious Christmas shopping, while helping to bring Vinnie home at the same time!  Really - what could be better?!

If you order by December 17th, you WILL receive your items in time for Christmas.  But really - there's no reason to wait until the 17th!  I plan on buying right NOW...or else I know that I'll forget about it :)

Let's not forget - Scentsy is good...a product that I love.  But please - don't forget that while you're skimming through these products, Vinnie is waiting in an orphanage.  While my Carter boy is sitting in his high chair, shoving bananas in his mouth faster than you can say 'monkey' - Vinnie is alone.  Remember Vinnie, and please - make a purchase or two.  It's win-win, people.  

And check this out...I've made this little tag that you can include with any of these gifts.  Let people know that this gift helped to save an orphan.

Right click and save to your desktop - then print, and cut out with cutsey scissors.  Done!
Go HERE - it should say 'Sheffield Family Adoption' near the top of the screen.  Add items to your cart - check out - and wait for all those fun products to arrive in your mailbox!

One Thing I Know For Sure: It's easy.  It's win-win.  Do it now!!


  1. thank you for the wonderful post ashley! we love being a part of the reece's rainbow family! God bless you :)

  2. Purchased! Good luck, Sheffields!


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