Friday, August 26, 2011


I love scentsy.  Absolutely love it.

It's perfect for us...because I'm a candle lighter.  Not just for the ambiance, but also because it covers up whatever smell seems to be haunting our home for the day.  French Onion Soup from last night, wet dog, or even stinky garbage.

Jake, on the other hand, doesn't care for candles.

Okay, he hates them.

Yes, I know, hate is a strong word - but it's true.

He says they make the house hot.

He's quirky and I love him.

Back to Scentsy.  If you have no idea what this is - you need to check it out!  You purchase the scentsy warmers in any size.  I have the Full-Size Warmer and the Wall Plug-In.  Then you choose your scent, and purchase the bricks.

Once you get it home - you plug in the warmer, put a few pieces on the warmer, and your house will smell like a dream in no time.

Why am I telling you all of this?!  Because a friend of mine sells Scentsy, and she's started a fundraising party for our friends, Ben & Juli Prevost.  Remember the Prevost family?  They're adopting a three year old boy from China, who also happens to have Down Syndrome.  They're traveling in the next few months, and are still trying to raise the rest of sweet Caleb's ransom money.

The party starts NOW - and it's waiting for you to make the first purchase!  The scents to choose from are limitless - from "Paradise Punch" to "Sharp Dressed Man" to "Sticky Cinnamon Bun" to "Lucky In Love"...there are sure to be several that would smell great in your home!

Nervous about ordering a scented product online, because your computer doesn't have 'scratch&sniff'?  No worries - each scent has its own detailed explanation!

At least stop over to browse!  I'm getting a Scentsy Buddy for Carter!  We'll bring it with us when we visit the orphanage (with the Baked Apple Pie scent pack inside) and then we'll use the Baked Apple Pie bricks in our Scentsy warmer once we get home!  So our home will already smell familiar to Carter.

Also - if you're a family that might be traveling soon - I would look at the travel tins!  I plan to bring a few for our apartment in Eastern Europe - never know what it might smell like before we get there!  These tins are wickless/flameless.  Just pop 'em open and the place will smell great!

Okay - there's my Scentsy plug :)  Please - go and purchase for the Prevost Family, and for Carter's buddy Caleb :)

Click Here to be directed to the Prevost's Scentsy Fundraiser Page!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Can't wait to get Carter's Scentsy Buddy!!

By The the new blog header and side tags?  I was bored.  :)


  1. "they make the house hot" has me giggling!

  2. Michelle - unless you're hot blooded like Jake, you'd flip if you knew what our thermostat is set to :) In our house, I'm usually shivering in sweatpants...even in the summer....!


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