Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Christmas Post.

These days, calendars are full and hearts are fuller.  So we condense and smoosh and mix in order to make room for more.

This is the first-ever condensed version of Gibson Family Christmas Happenings.

All the Christmas Cheer, smooshed together.

We got our tree.  It was nothing like our tree-cutting day from last year.  This one was filled with laughter and friendship and love.

It was so fun to see Carter be so independent.  He loves his role as 'big brother' and takes it very seriously.  He loves to help, and this year he pulled the wagon with little help.

Let's just forget about the fact that those darn tree stumps wouldn't move, and the wagon tipped over. With a baby inside.  But the baby was strapped in and she didn't even know what hit her.

Remember when I said our time was filled with laughter and friendship and love?

This is the friendship part:

Brett, Amelia, Mable, and one-week-old Levi joined us!
Or, if you're Carter: Butt, A-la-la, Bable, and Luh-va.

We are grateful for the many people in Carter's life who understand him.  I'm not just talking about his speech.  I'm talking about understanding who he is.

This picture is a perfect example.

Carter loves to whistle. 

Brett knows this about Carter.  Brett understands Carter.  Brett whistles with Carter.

Do you know how it feels to be understood by others? 

It feels amazing.

It also feels amazing to have a huge Christmas tree in your living room, and a little boy who looks at it with wonder.

"Pretty Christmas tree! Pretty lights! Presents? Santa?"

Okay, fine.  Yes.  Santa.


A few days after cutting our tree, Santa came for a visit!

He rang the doorbell and Carter knew just what to do.  He opened it, yelled "SANTA! Ho-ho-ho!" and grabbed his white-gloved hand to pull him inside.


Of course, Carter loves Santa. But he also knows that when Santa comes, we get presents.

Dude is no dummy.

We had to tell him "First, smile nice - then, presents!" and this is what we got:

It's his "I smile because I have to" grin.  And I love it.  I looked back on our Santa pictures from last year, and I remembered the struggles we were facing.  Carter was like the tazmanian devil.  Always on the go, never wanting to be slowed down, couldn't stand still for a second.  

This year was different.  He's older, more independent, and really - he's not such a little monster.  I mean that in the most endearing way. We always loved our little monster, but now we like him a whole lot more.  

What changed? Well, mostly Carter changed.  As he matures, we notice so many good things happening.  

We also see this happening a whole lot:

A brother + sister, doing what siblings do.

As you can see, Macy enjoyed the Santa visit, too! She is the happiest baby, and although Santa came way past her bedtime she totally rocked it.

A few more things from our Christmas Season, thus far:
+Our family round robin - just imagine lots of food, laughter, getting in and out of the car 15x, and a Packer game.  That about sums it up.
+Cute handmade first grader Christmas crafts, decorating our walls and doors.  It's the best.
+Our 12 foot Christmas tree, tipped over on its side, with a little boy standing next to it. Much remorse and many tears, with questions of "Christmas tree garbage?".  No, dear one.  It's not going in the garbage.  Accidents happen.  Don't feel bad, it could have happened to anyone.
+Our 12 foot Christmas tree, tipped over on its side, 5 minutes after picking it up.  This time, falling on a baby.  No babies or ornaments were harmed.
+Much excitement and glee from the backseat of the car every time we pass a house that has Christmas lights outside.
+Carter's Sunday School Christmas Program - thanks to the advent candles that had just been lit, Carter was convinced it was someones birthday. "Candles! Blow! BLOOOWW! Birthday! Presents! Presents???". We laughed at our silly, quirky, literal boy.

There it is.  Our Christmas Season in a nutshell.

I can hardly believe that in less than a week we will be waking early with two precious babes on Christmas morning.  We are rich.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Merry Christmas!

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