Friday, June 07, 2013

You Know You Want One...

These dear friends are adopting....again!  

Want to help the cause AND have a new tshirt?

Super.  Go here.  Please :)

Order a tshirt - or ten - by Sunday, June 9th.  

An orphan gets a forever family.
You get a new tshirt.  
It's win-win.  

$16/adult - $12/kids
Easy, peasy!  

One Thing I Know For Sure: Love makes a family...


  1. Ordered! I love this design...My kiddo is not from one of the common countries, so I love that this shirt can represent adoption from any country!

  2. Hey, you missed the part that they were designed by the most talented, fabulous Ashley Gibson! :-)

    Thanks so much for everything! We appreciate it more than you know!


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