Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hey, June...

....or Hey, Jude.  Whichever.

It's been a busy month and I find myself giddy with anticipation when I flip my little family calendar to July.  Why?  

Because there's not a dang thing written in July.  The excitement is almost too much.  

As time goes on, I find that I just might be an introvert, hiding out in an extroverted family.  Which could mean trouble.  But for now, I'm surviving it.  As long as there are a few July's along the way, we'll all be just fine.  

Here's what our June has looked like:

+First Last Day's
Carter's last day of his first year of early childhood was June 6th.

I'm just going to come out and say it.  Three months without school freaks me out.  Two weeks into summer vacay and I can say we're doing fine.  

Not awesome.  Just fine :)  

Maybe we'll get into a groove, and by August we'll be doing awesome :)

The bottom of Carter's feet are permanently dirty, so that gives you an idea of what we've been doing.  The minute we come back inside, he's begging to go back out.

I love to be outside, but strangely enough, all my 'chores' happen to be inside. This is sometimes a problem.  I try to remind myself about all those poems and sayings about babies that don't keep, and the housework that can wait.

Then reality hits, and I realize that some stuff needs to be done.


+Adoption Benefit
Did you see my last post about the tshirt fundraiser?  Well - if you didn't order, you seriously missed out!  The tshirts turned out great, and the proceeds benefit this sweet family.  

Last weekend our church hosted an Adoption Benefit for this adopting family - it was an Italian theme with a spaghetti supper. Not only was it a fun night, but it brought in roughly $8,000!  

Here's a section of the craft table - like something here?  These two girls are super-crocheters (and super-fun) and donate all their proceeds to waiting orphans.  Go visit their Facebook page, Handiwork for Maria, like it, and see if they can't whip you up something fantastic.

Thanks to my girl, Rach, I got to snuggle this little bundle.  What a HONEY.  You guys just don't even know.  She is the sweetest, smiliest, happiest baby I've ever squeezed.  Oh my word.

We were saying that if we were really thinking (ha) we would have had a 'Hold Blakeleigh' booth!  That would have brought in the big bucks :)

This might require some explaining.  I'll try to be quick.  Recognize the chef in the center?  You should...he's usually goes by the alias of Jake Gibson :)

He did a promo video for church one Sunday morning, and it sort of snowballed into Chef Tony Calzoni showing up at the benefit :)  Want to see the video?  

Maybe not everyone appreciates his creativity or sense of humor - but I have to say that this guy is willing to do just about anything for a good cause.  Love him!

One last photo from the benefit, the only photos of the two of us.  HA!

Thank you notes/spaghetti sauce recipe cards were sent home with guests - such a fun reminder of this event.

Jake and I had so much fun helping with this benefit - so grateful to everyone who came out to support this ministry!

+Carter's First Game
Carter went to a baseball game with his daddy, Uncle Ben, Poppy, and lots of friends.  I thought Jake was going to have one heck of a time keeping his little tush in his seat.

To my surprise, Carter LOVED it.

He watched the game.  Learned how to sign/say strike, out, home run, and baseball (which has turned into something like 'bubka'...ha!).  


Carter & his new friends, Mike & Davian!

Now, each night after bath Carter asks to watch baseball.  We've started something here, people.  We should be good until sometime in October.  After that, we'll have to find another obsession :)


So, between the graduation parties, Vacation Bible School planning, and real life stuff, that's what we've been up to. Consider yourself caught up :)

One Thing I Know For Sure: Hey, June...

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