Sunday, March 24, 2013

Well, Hi!

Hi there - me again!  Miss you, friend.  How are things?  Good.

Well, unless things are bad.  Then, I'm sorry.

Grab your hot cup and cozy down in your chair.  It's time we catch up.


Anybody else experiencing serious cabin fever?  This time last year, we were wearing shorts and tshirts.  Carters chubby toes were being squished into sandals.

Not this year.  We're still piling on layers each morning, and praying each night that spring comes quickly.

It's been hard keeping these two busy.

Pinterest has provided lots of fun activities.  Well, some are fun.  Some are total bombs.  I know it's a bomb when Haleigh looks at me and says "can we do somethin' fun now...?".  Love her honesty.

So we've been slicing our afternoons in half - half spent upstairs in Carter's room, half spent downstairs.  We fill the bathtub with colored water and splash around.  We paint.  We color.  We have snacks and watch movies.

And pray for spring.  Because I'm almost out of ideas.


I knew that one day, I'd be glad I took this photo.  At the time, it seemed so wrong to take a freeze-frame of this sad little face.

But today, I can look at it and know that putting this furry boy to sleep was absolutely the right thing to do.  Look at his heavy, weary eyes.  Break my heart.

Moses has been gone for a little over two months.  I still hear him, sometimes - barking in the middle of the night, or licking his floppy lips, or clickity-clacking across the kitchen floor.

Losing a pet...stinks.  A whole lot.


Remember that long & detailed post I did about potty training?  Carter was doing great with all of it - and then we turned his life upside-down and went on vacation.

He did okay with potty training on vacation, but the minute his little feet hit Wisconsin soil again, he was like a leaky faucet.  Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe how I was feeling.

Especially since I wrote that post about how great he was doing :)

Well...I'm happy to say that Carter is back on track.  I'd love to write another post about all the creative things we did to fix the faucet...but, the truth is - Carter worked it out himself.  Last Sunday, he just woke up in the morning and decided he was done with the whole 'accident' thing.  Because accidents are soooo 'January'.

And the little stinker hasn't had an accident since.


Have you ever wanted something so badly, and tried with all your might to work it out?  And it doesn't work out?  And you get frustrated?  And then eventually, you just give up?

"Okay, Lord - fine.  FINE.  Just, have your way!"

Then, when you're finally content where you are, He comes in and gives you the desires of your heart? In His timing?

I've got a fun story to share.  But not yet.  Stay tuned :)


That's all I've got for now.  Be blessed, friend.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Love a good catch-up!


  1. Thankful he worked out the accident Issues all by himself.
    We have cabin fever too, just got another 7 inches of snow after it being 80 last week! Crazy...
    I brought in some snow and we played inside with it for a long time. Hoping for spring right along with you...

  2. so sorry about your dog, it is very hard putting a pet to sleep

  3. Ashley!!! You can't do that to me.. Share, it's been 20 hours....


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