Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Choose Me!"

I've done my fair share of crying for this boy.

He is Dennis - and his home is Carter's former orphanage.

When we were in process for Carter, we were debating about adding another child, and bringing home a sibling for Carter at the same time.

Well, you know how that turned out :)

But about a month into the process, we got an email with several new Reece's Rainbow babies from Carter's orphanage.  We could choose one of them, and if we weren't interested, Reece's Rainbow would list them.

Dennis was in that group.

Of that group, all of them have been adopted.  All of them have gone home to their forever families.  All of them have been chosen - and are now loved, cherished, adored, and cared for every moment of their day.

Except Dennis.

He still waits to be chosen.

Break my little heart.  It's just not right.

Of all the families that have been to Carter's orphanage to adopt their own treasures, none have ever spotted Dennis (to my knowledge).  I've even started to wonder if he was adopted, or if something happened to him.

Well, guess what?

He's still waiting.  How do I know?

Watch.  This is Carter's orphanage - his director is the man with the white coat behind the desk.

And the little boy with the striped green shirt?  That's Dennis.

He's still waiting to be chosen.  Maybe his Mama will see this, and have the same 'oh-my-word-that-is-my-SON' reaction that I did when I first saw Carter.

I pray so.

Want more information about Dennis' orphanage & city?  Email me - I'd love-love-LOVE to share!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Sweet Dennis - where is your mama?

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  1. Cool video! :-) Have you heard what it's about? I'm working on a translation for you if need be. LOL


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