Friday, August 03, 2012

What's Different?

Anything look different to you in this photo?

How about this photo?

Two sets of feet in the kiddie pool, and girlie-girl toys strewn about the yard can only mean one thing....

Carter has a friend :)  Meet Haleigh.  She's going to be playing with us each day while her mommy & daddy are at work.  She's three, she's adorable, and if you ask her - she's a princess.

Carter & Haleigh get along wonderfully.  So far.  It's only been a week :)  Of course we'll have our fair share of sassy words, pinches & pushes, grabby hands, and hurt feelings.  Because that's life with littles.  But for what it's worth - I overheard Haleigh telling Carter "It's okay, honey, you can hold my princess".  She grabbed it away a millisecond later, but I still count is as a success.


Carter rarely interacts with other kids - but the other day during lunch, these two were definitely having a moment.  Big laughs from Haleigh, followed by little giggles from Carter - which turned into big boy belly laughs.  I'd say that's interaction.

I'm convinced that they'll soon be buds.  Remember how it started with Moses?  Pretty much a disaster. And now?  Buds.  I have visions of hand-holding, impromptu hugs, and snuggles on the couch.  Am I living in a fantasy world?  Maybe.  But I do have high hopes.


I was looking at my calendar today and noticed something alarming.  We are down to 1 month of summer left.  One month.  Thirty days until school starts.  Lordy Mercy.

Carter signing 'water'
For the next 4 weeks, we will be busy doing nothing.  Soaking up the last bits of sunshine while they're still here.  It is Wisconsin, you know.  And once the sunshine leaves, it's gone for good.

Kiddie pools and green grass will be distant memories by September, and life will return to normal.  As much as I'll miss dipping my toes in the cool water each afternoon, I'm ready for fall.  Sweaters, jeans, chilly morning walks with hot coffee.  Sign me up.

I'm sure by November I'll be feeling 'cooped up' and 'caged in'...because it's kind of human nature to crave what 'was' or what 'will be' instead of what 'is'.  We'll just roll with it, and wish for spring - all while enjoying our apple cider and pecan pie.

This is one guy who will NOT be looking forward to fall.
He has been pretty spoiled, spending so much time chasing bunnies and little boys through green grass.
If you don't hear from me for a few weeks, now you'll know why.  Busy soaking it all up...

One Thing I Know For Sure: 30 days and counting....

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  1. enjoy the summer while you can...our warm weather lasts much longer and I dont long for the cold weather. of course louisiana winter in nothing compared what you are used to. Our school starts aug 8th, not looking forward to the early mornings
    How wonderful to have another one for C to play with what a great learning experience for him


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