Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hosana Banana.

The Banana is Carter's love language, for sure.  If you offer him one, he will love you forever.  When I cut up his banana in the morning, he screams "BA-DUH-DUHHH!!!".  Translation: Holy Banana, my day is complete.

Jake found this little gem a few days ago, and Carter & I have been rockin' out to it each morning.  Go ahead, listen to it.  Listen to it, and then tell me it's not fun.  He even includes the 'sassy sniff' - so I'm pretty sure this song was made just for Carter.

One Thing I Know For Sure: No other fruit is quite like you, you be lookin' good in that bright yellow suit.  Word.


  1. Ten seconds in I wasn't sure, but I watched the whole of it and might want that guy to be my family. If I sing this all day, l will hold you responsible. Actually, I will just think of Carter. What a sweet deal that is. :)

  2. Too funny!! I adore this post and love the video...I won't ever eat a banana and not think of sweet Carter! <3


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