Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First Day.

We did it.  We dropped Carter off in his new classroom, and walked out.  

I knew it would be rough when I started crying before we even pulled up to the school.  Remember: I'm not a cryer.  Ha.

When we pulled up to his new school, he started cheering and saying 'celebrate'.  This boy is ready for the next chapter.

I pulled it together as we waited for the big suburban to pull up with Carter's other classmates.  Right now he's in a class with 4 other boys.  God bless Mrs. K.


As we were waiting to bring him inside, I felt so blessed.  I can't believe we're here.  I can't believe we did it.  I can't believe Carter is about to walk into the next chapter of his little life.

Day 1 of 4,675 (approximately...).

Is it just me - or do those photos remind you of this photo:

Taken almost 11 months ago.  We had known this boy for one week, and we were head-over-heels in love with him.  We were saying goodbye to him, as we had to come back to the states for a while before court.

My, my - how things change.

We walked into his new school and Carter knew just where to go.  We hung his little backpack on his hook, and kissed his chubby little cheeks.  He didn't look back for a second.

Such a big, brave boy.

I couldn't leave without getting a photo of these three boys.  Do you recognize Elijah and Caleb? Yes - they're in the same class.  I'll say it again: God bless Mrs. K.


I can't wait to pull out this photo when these boys are seniors and say "Look!  Friends for life!".  So, Jill & Juli, that means you guys can't move away.  Got it?

I'm so grateful for this opportunity for Carter.  I know he'll learn so many new things - and I can't wait to look back on this first school year in amazement.

I'm sure in a few weeks I'll look forward to this little two hour break each morning - but today, I was counting the minutes until 10:45.


One Thing I Know For Sure: So very grateful.


  1. He looks SO big! Yay for first days! Hope he has a great year, with two buddies he is sure to fit right in.
    Super jealous that you live close to Pat & Jill! We were blessed with meeting them in U!

  2. Yes, God bless Mrs. K - and Mrs. D and Mrs. J! :-) Hopefully the "Triple Team" won't wear them down too much. LOL

    Thanks for adding that pic from his time in the orphanage. He's changed so much and that scared/sad look is gone from his eyes. Yay God! Thanks again for sharing the photo. I fw'ed it to Sarah and asked her (in jest) if she thought I could beat you to blogging it. LOL I knew I wouldn't. Heck, I never even blogged Elijah's first day of school photo from last March. Here's to a new school year and new beginnings!

  3. look what a year of love does ...amazing! Carter you guys take it easy on your teacher and enjoy fun at school

  4. Darling pictures of your little man. Look at the changes in 11 months! Amazing. I chuckle whenever you say you're not a crier, then of course you cry. Kids just do that I guess. We love them from the very deepest part of ourselves. Funny, I was also calling my little man brave this morning, because he gets teary separating, and if HE does then I absolutely will. But he was super brave, and had an awesome day. I told him I love him all day long, and then let go of his little hand. Glad you got Carter in at Winneconne. I know that's what you wanted!

  5. Love the boys together! So awesome!! Carter has grown up so much since that orphanage picture. :)


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