Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy Birthday's.

+Happy Birthday, America+
Yesterday was a special day for Carter.  His first 4th of July as an American.  As a son.  As a FREE boy.  Free from the confines of an institution.  Did he have any idea?  No.  But we did.  And we are so grateful.

We celebrated like most Americans.  Family.  Food.  Fireworks.  Fun.  Loads of fun.

Oh, and heat.  Did I mention it was quite ridiculous?  Heat index WELL over 100 degrees.  Everyone was pretty much miserable.  Except Carter.  I'm not sure he even noticed.

The sparklers started along with the mosquitos.  It wouldn't be the fourth without them.

Carter did great until about 5 minutes into the show.  He got antsy.  It was sweltering hot.  The bugs were horrible.  So we packed it up and watched from the car.  All in all, a pretty great Independence Day.

+Happy Birthday, Dada+
Today is someones birthday.  Someone who we love very much.

It's our Dada's birthday.

I just can't say enough about how blessed I am.  What I guy I have.  What a catch :)

I've said it before - I love our life.  And I love that I get to live it with you by my side.  I love the way you love Carter.  I love the way you love me.

I love the nicknames we have for each other.  I love all of our inside jokes.  I love to follow your lead.  I love to watch movies in bed with you (even though I fall asleep during the opening credits).  I love to laugh at all your crazy dances.  I love when you take out the garbage, or do the dishes.  And I love you when you don't, too :)

I really love everything about you.

And I'm so, so fortunate that I get to walk this journey with you.  What a lucky girl I am.

28 years old, babe.  So much more to do.  So much more to see.  So much more to learn.  So much more to give.

Glad to be doing all of it with you.

Remember this, babe?
Remember when Carter was a stranger?
And now - he's not, because he's our son.
Pretty amazing.
I love you more and more every day.  So cliche - I know.  But what else can I say?

Where will we be 28 years from now?  Your 56th birthday.  I know without a doubt that we'll look back and say 'What an awesome life the Lord has blessed us with....'.

Love you, Chachi.  So, so much.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Love to love ya.


  1. well I hope he had a very happy birthday you all are so blessed to have one another, you can see the love he has for carter in his eyes. and what can I say, Im so happy that carter had a great first of many "fourths" minus the mosquitos. (they are the worst)

  2. LOVE this post!! You are an awesome family. I just know Carter, who is absolutely adorable, will do wonderful things in life because of you. BTW....I have been a "stalker" for a while and I swear Carter looks just like his Daddy.

  3. Love, Love, Love seeing Carter's pudgy belly in the first picture you posted.... Happy Birthday to your hubby and so glad you had a wonderful Independence Day!!


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