Monday, July 02, 2012

Well Hi There.

Long time, no see.  I know.  But I've been busy.  No, you don't need to remind me how much I DESPISE the word 'busy'.  If there has ever been a time that the word 'busy' is appropriate, it's now.  Just trust me.

So I'm doing a quickie today.  A catch up.  My buddy, Rachel, is here helping today - and I'm making the time to sit and share a tidbit of our lives.

+I survived Vacation Bible School, 2012+
Actually, I should say that 'we' survived it.  Me, and my 20+ helpers.  I think that's pretty incredible.  I'm amazed at the number of people that gave up 4 evenings out of a summer week to volunteer.

We survived, and we had fun in the process.  Because that's what we 'WCF-ers' do!

I tried to crop out the annoying 'bunny ears' in the background.
I won't tell you who it is, but anyone who knows my husband can probably guess.....

Carter had fun, too - even though he spent most of the time in his stroller.  He thought this Anita lady was pretty funny.  If you knew her, you would agree :)

VBS - done.  Now I'll go start planning for next year.....

+We met up with old friends+
Survived high school together - started dating our future spouses on April 12, 2003 - stood alongside us in our wedding - watched them have babies - move away to NY - now moving to TN....and they got to meet Carter Benjamin this weekend.

You know how people say that when old friends get together, you just pick up where you left off?  Yep.  That was pretty much it.  We laughed (mostly at our kids), shared stories....and it made my heart hurt a little bit, knowing that they'll still be so far away.

+Carter had his first real injury+
Okay, nothing major.  Just a skinned knee.  With blood.  And lots of tears.  Of course, we didn't have an Elmo bandaid, so I tried to convince him that this monster was Elmo.  Nope.  Not havin' it.

I've never seen his blood before. Does that sound weird?  Well, it looked just like my blood.  Go figure.

+A friend is going through crap+
How do you find a card for someone whose daughter was just diagnosed with Leukemia?  Here I am, bouncy toddler in cart, looking for a card, trying hard not to cry like a baby.  Cards with things like "We all experience things for a reason...."  and  "This will make you stronger...." just seemed inappropriate.  The card I got?  It said "This sucks".  I would say that about sums it up.

+Our church is moving+
We are so excited to be moving in to our new church building...but holy schmoly.  The work that goes in to a project like this astounds me.  I've done very, very little of it - some people have literally devoted the past year of their LIFE to working on this project.  And now we're moving in.  Big, huge sigh of relief.

+Heaven gained a great man+
Jake's Grandpa Joe went to be with Jesus.  He's with the love of his life, Grandma Rosie.  While we grieve his loss, we know that he's better than he's ever been.

So grateful that Carter got to meet his Grandpa Joe, and spend a little time with him.  And now, I'm really wishing we had a nice photo of Carter and his Grandpa Joe.  

Thanksgiving, 2011

+Carter swam with cousins+
I love to see Carter be scooped up by his cousins.  I love to see them just embrace him.  Love him.  There is something special about cousin-love.  

Isn't this the greatest?  I don't think Carter knows that Chloe is 'off limits' because they're related.
We'll tell him when he's older :)
There you have it.  A snippet of our lives over the past few weeks.  I'll be back in the next week or so, with a few answers to commonly asked questions.  Got a question?  Email me at - no question is off limits :)

Have a great week.  Enjoy it.  Embrace it.  Even the busy.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Embracing the busy.


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandpa, thankful Carter got to meet him. Looks like you guys have been busy!

  2. wow lots going on

    I think that the card says it all...cancer does suck. There are shirts and all sorts of things that have "cancer sucks" on them, Im sure you can find them online.

    Your guy is so handsome and changing so much
    have a great week

  3. My goodness he's looking like a big boy!


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