Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Doing What We Can.

The other night, this little family had lots of fun.

We put on some crazy music (like this - it's become a Gibson favorite!) and danced around the kitchen before bath time.  Carter laughed.  Jake and I laughed.  It was good.

Hold that thought, please........


Right now, there are so, so many babies in need of homes.

This is Lilly.  I've talked about her here before.

Lilly needs a home.  Desperately.

This is Rachel.  I've talked about HER here before, too!  A lot!

We love Rachel.  She's a part of the Gibson family, whether she likes it or not.

Rach & Jake - at TGIFriday's - after court in Ukraine!
Rachel loves Lilly.  Rach and her best bud, Sarah, spend lots of time raising money for Lilly.

Rachel's 16th birthday is coming.  Do you know what she wants for her birthday?  Not a car.  Not $80 jeans.


Rachel wants Lilly to find a home.

You can help.  You should help.

Here is the original post - go and read it.  These girls are crazy, right?  They get it, completely.

If you love Carter (and I know you must, because I can't think of any other reason that you'd come back here week after week...!), then you should love Rachel, too.  And if you love Rachel, you will help Lilly.

We can ALL part with $5.  Most of us could even part with $50.

Won't you donate?  Just do it.  It's easy.  It WILL make a difference.  For Rachel.  For Lilly.

Lilly really, really needs a family.  And you can help.


Remember what I said about our fun family night?  Dancing around the kitchen?  Laughing?  Acting crazy?

Unless someone steps forward, Lilly will never, ever experience that.  Unless someone says "Here am I, send me!" - she may never know the love of a family.  Maybe we can help.  Maybe YOU can help.

Please, go.  Donate.  It's so, so important.

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Doing what I can to help this girl find a HOME.  Help us out, please?


  1. I love Lilly so much as well..I've featured her on my blog often- I don't understand why nobody has snatched her up yet . Praying hard!

  2. Donated, in honor of Lee, Beth & Livvy Mae.


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