Thursday, May 03, 2012

What's It Worth?

How do you place value on a life?  Can you?  Should you?  Do different lives have different values?  Do people from other countries have less value than us Americans?  Are healthy - normal - typical people more highly valued than those who are differently-abled?

Please.  Give me a break.

I'm frustrated.  Maybe people are tired of hearing me cry out for orphans.  Maybe they don't even read my posts when they see them pop up in their feeds.  Maybe they don't 'get' the whole orphan crisis (yes, it's a crisis).  Maybe they don't understand the silent holocaust that's going on - right now - all over the world.  Even here, in our privileged America.

Forgive me for being blunt.  But I see what people post on Facebook.  Sometimes, it's disgusting.  Amazing that people are so quick to click 'share' when it's a funny photo or video.

But when it comes to the life of a child - nobody really takes notice.

Breaks my flippin' heart.  Absolutely sucks.  Yes, I said 'sucks'.  The word 'stinks' just doesn't match my emotions today.

This little boy is in desperate need of a family.  Soon.

His orphanage is closing.  He will soon be transferred to an adult mental institution if nobody comes for him.

Did you read that?  He's not going to be transferred to a different orphanage - he's not going to be transferred to a foster home.

This 15 month old boy will be transferred to an adult mental institution.

Do you know what happens there?

Nothing.  Nothing happens there.  Little Keegan will likely spend his life in a bed.  Why?  Because these places don't have the resources to care for babies.  He'll be put in a crib.  And he'll stay in a crib.  And in the next year - when he should be learning to walk - he'll still be in his crib.  They won't help him learn new skills, like sitting up - eating real food - crawling - walking - nothing.  There will be no toys.  No books.  No stimulation whatsoever.

In fact, there is a good chance that this boy will die within the first few years of transfer.

Did you read all that?  Bedridden.  No stimulation.  Death...?

Does THIS sound like a place for a 15 month old?  Does it seem like the right place for somebody like this:

Not so much.

I know you might not be in a place to adopt.  That's okay. You CAN do something.  You CAN step up and help.

+DONATE! The larger this little boy's grant is, the more 'noticeable' he becomes.  Adoption is ridiculously expensive - sometimes up to $30,000.  It really, really helps to have some of that covered up front.
-Can you skip Starbucks this week?  Yep, so can I.  Then donate that $5 to Keegan's grant.
-Instead of having steaks for dinner on Friday, could you have something else?  How about rice &        beans (because really, that's what most of the world eats...) - and use it to teach your kids about hunger - orphans - and need vs. want.  Then donate that $20 that you would have spent on steaks to Keegan's grant.
-You know that pile of change you have on top of your washing machine from your husbands pockets?  How about donating that to Keegan's grant?  Yep, it's a small amount.  But EVERY penny counts.
-Maybe that new rug can wait (personal smack - right in my own face - just so you all know...). Maybe there are more important things - like Keegan having a family?  Could it be possible?  Uh-huh.  Maybe the money you were going to spend on that rug could go toward Keegan's grant?  Would that hurt a little?  Definitely.  Especially if you've been waiting a long time for that rug.  But guess what?  You'll survive.  Keegan might not.
- The key here is that you just might have to sacrifice something.  I know, it's a difficult concept.  It goes against every fiber in our being.  I'm not being sarcastic here - sacrifice is hard.  It hurts.  It's not natural.  What are you willing to sacrifice?
-PLEASE - go here now to make a tax-deductible donation.  It's fast.  It's easy.

+SHARE! You don't know if your Facebook friends or blog followers are thinking about adoption.  You DON'T know. So share like crazy.  Just because nobody has ever talked to you about adoption doesn't mean they haven't been thinking about it.  Your friend has probably never said "Oh, I'd LOVE to adopt a baby with Down syndrome!" - BUT, when she sees his picture she just might say "That is my SON...!".  You just don't know.  And even if your friends can't adopt - they just might give.  And then maybe they'll share - and their friends will give, too.  See how social media works?  We 'get it' when we share witty photos, but we seem to forget when it comes to a child's life.

I know - it seems like so much work to donate and share.  I'm sure you're busy - you probably don't have the time.  Yea, I get it.  Sacrifice is hard - sometimes it sucks.

But I'm pretty sure the life that awaits Keegan really, really sucks.

If you haven't watched this incredibly moving video, please do.  I know - another sacrifice.  I'm sure you have the 7 minutes that it will take.

Do something.  You're able.  I'm able.  We can help work a miracle for Keegan.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Believing big things for Keegan.
+Don't forget to share & donate...!


  1. Hi there, Ashley. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I can't find out how to contact you. I have a few questions about this post and was wondering if you had time, if you could email me. My email is malisa at malisaprice dot com. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you Ashley. I never tire of your posts!

    Can I also share with you a fundraiser by my new friend Christine? She's trying to raise funds for 4 year old Shaun who has T18 and a cleft palate. There's a new American Girl doll and $250 grant to any waiting child fund on RR up for grabs. Maybe Carter's not so into dolls (smile) but you may know friends or family with little girls. And the $250 could help Keegan if the winner is so inclined!

    Sue - WI

  3. I know exactally how you feel not having any response but I am going to press on & will share this post. I could not get to your blog when this first showed up cause it said their was a virus but it works now thank goodness cause I love reading your blog.


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