Monday, March 05, 2012


Writing randoms today, because I'm having a hard time focusing this little brain of mine.

I found this on the floor the other day.  

I knew you'd appreciate the humor in this.  I found out later that he spit out the piece of rind, because we found it by the back door.  Also funny?  The other day, Jake & I were talking in the living room when we heard the refrigerator open.  Obviously, we looked at each other, puzzled - because Carter has never tried to open it before.  A second later, he came running into the living room with a bag of two crescent rolls.

Alrighty, then.

Mama is planning a birthday party for this little boy.

It's a 4thst birthday party.  His 4th birthday - but 1st party.  4thst.  We think we're pretty clever.  The theme?  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - little boy's favorite book.  Bright colors.  Letters.  Polka Dots.  It's going to be pretty great.

It will be a while before we can wear sandals in Wisconsin, but I can't wait to see his chubby little toes in a pair of flip flops.

Apparently, he can't wait either - because he's constantly whipping those socks off.  Little boy likes bare feet.

This is Carter's own, made-up sign for 'ni-night'.  Signing is going good.  We're amazed at the frequency that he has started using the signs.  He totally understands that those floppy signals that he does with his hands are a way to communicate with us.

Telling us he needs a diaper change is almost a regular occurrence, and he's even going on the potty almost nightly.  Notice the use of the word 'almost' :)  We'll get there.

I had a free day on Saturday :)  I went to a women's event at our church in the morning, afterwards I gave some much neglected roots a splash of color (hair, not plants), and in the evening I went to dinner and the Miss Oshkosh Pageant (way to go, Sam!) with my mom.

Jake and Carter had a much-needed boys day.  When I got home, way past bedtime, I was glad to see that they had survived the day.  Carter made it through great, and he only needed one band-aid (his first - I missed it...!), and although Jake looked thoroughly exhausted (welcome to my world, dude), he said they had a pretty great time.  I believe it.

I just learned, after almost 4 months, that the high chair liner clips onto the high chair.  Do you have any idea how its crookedness and sloppiness has bothered me?

I'm convinced someone is sneaking into my house at night and sprinkling bits of grass, sand, and extra Moses hair on the floors.  If it's you, please stop.

I've had an addiction to Gain fabric softener, until I noticed how much I was paying for it.  I also love the room spray and dish soap.  If they had a body wash, I would use that, too.  I have cut ties, though - and after two loads of laundry today I'm missing it much.

This May will mark 9 years since we graduated high school.  That means next year is the big 1-0.  Is anyone planning this?  Would anybody come if I planned it?  I don't know.  Do I need a task this big to throw my time/energy/life into?  We shall see.

I've been having some crazy dreams.  Auditioning for American Idol (which would be a huge joke...) and stressing about which song to pick.  Our AWANA Commander asking for prayer because he's struggling with his crocheting (seriously?!).  Wake up already, Ash.

I shot a wedding (likely my last...!) in January, and I just sent off the images to the bride & groom.  Yes, it took me a while - thankfully, they were totally understanding.  Carter had been sick on & off, and I had to tackle 3,000+ photos - three or four at a time.  Pre-parenthood, I could get them done in a weekend.  Oh how things change.

I'll leave you with this little face....

He's saying 'please grab my feet and pull me around on the floor, because I like that'.


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  1. Well, if Commander Gander ever makes me teach him how to crochet, we both will need prayer!! ;) Anyway, sunshine boy's sweet face can brighten any Monday!! ♥ Love you all!

  2. The lemon with a small bite out of it cracked me up. 4thst! Now that's a funny name. Carter is an adorable little guy. I love your blog theme and your positivity as you write. I'm starting to follow you! So glad you linked to Miscellany Monday.

  3. This post made me laugh!!!!!!!!!! What a silly and rather smart son you have!!!!!!!I can just picture in my mind the face he must have made when he bite into that piece of fruit's peeling.

  4. Love all the random cuteness!


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