Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wanna Go To China?!

I do.  I've always wanted to go to China.  Hasn't everyone 'always wanted to go to China'?  I suppose so.

No, we're not adopting from China.  But some dear friends ARE - and they're leaving soon.  You can read posts that I've written about this family HERE and HERE.

So, I'm packing my bloggy bag and heading there with them.  The sights - the sounds - the smells - I can just feel China blood running through my veins.  Wanna come?

Head on over to Ben & Juli's blog and follow their journey to their son, Caleb Aaron.  They're leaving on February 22nd and would so appreciate your blog love & support.  When we were in Ukraine - some days I survived just by reading your comments and emails.  They need to hear from you.

Soon, this guy will be in his mommy's arms - right where he belongs!
China's process is so very different from Ukraine's - and I've already learned so much.  One VERY different aspect of a Chinese adoption is Gotcha Day.  In Ukraine, we visited with Carter twice a day for weeks before we could bring him back to the apartment.  In China - Caleb will be brought to their hotel after a few days in country.  That's it.  He's theirs, and fully their responsibility.  Having done 'Gotcha Day' so differently, this is daunting to me.  Please pray for them - that Caleb would feel comfortable with them immediately - that they would know how to best love him in those first days - and that the Lord would supernaturally bind them together, in ways they will never be able to comprehend.

Our God is good like that, you know?

So, tag along on this journey of a lifetime.  Because really, when will a trip to China come along again?  Once in a lifetime, baby!

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Holy Cow.  Caleb is coming home.  HOME!


  1. Thanks Ash!! :) Can't wait to give you a taste of China!!


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