Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Until Every Dream Comes True....

Remember this post?  About the Prevost family?

Well in case you didn't catch this from my previous post about them - they're local.  They live in our area and we're blessed to have them in our life.  Not just cyber-friends that we'll never meet.

Ben & Juli came to our benefit the other night.  We were so blessed that they came.  We just love to include others in our journey...and they've been such an encouragement to us all along.

I wish I had video of their reaction when they walked up the stairs to our benefit.  

Tears.  Full of emotion.  Overjoyed.  Thrilled.  

I asked Juli if she was feeling a little bummed about their golf outing being cancelled.

She said "NO!  I'm just so, so happy for you guys.  This is amazing..."

I'm not sure if I would have had that reaction.  What a gem.

So a few weeks ago (before their outing was cancelled) Jake & I decided that we wanted to do something for them.  We didn't really know what that looked like, or how we would do it.  But we knew that something needed to be done for them.

We decided that auctioning off a piece of artwork during the live auction portion of our benefit would be a perfect way to draw awareness that there is another family in our small community who is adopting a boy with Down syndrome, and also bring in a fair amount of money.  

The print we chose was signed by Super Bowl I & II MVP - Bart Starr.  A Green Bay legend.  And this print was just signed a few weeks ago.  

Keep in mind - many of the people at this benefit know nothing about the Prevost's - just that they're adopting from China.

The auctioning began, and the print went for $480.  Wow.  We were amazed at the generosity of strangers.  

Yes - I'm sure part of it was that people really wanted this print!!  But I just know that people wanted to bless this sweet family.  

These strangers to Ben & Juli that bid on this print...well, these are the people we call our family.  These people are our dearest friends.  These people know how to give.  They know how to encourage.  They know how to love.  They get it.  They caught the vision.  Clearly.  

What an honor to have friends & family like this.  

And Ben & Juli?  They were a mess.  I mean that in the best way possible :)  I loved to see them crying like babies.  It was the highlight of my night.  The absolute highlight.  Nothing better than seeing someone else surprised by a blessing.  Love it.  


This benefit is part of the start of something really beautiful.  Not just helping to bring Carter home - but so much more.  Our plan, along with the Benefit Team at our church, is to continue this into a full-on ministry.  We know there are so many families that need help fundraising.  It's hard.  It stinks, most of the time.  We get that, because we've been there.  We have the resources, capability, and desire to help.  So that's what we'll do.  We know that an orphan care ministry will be hard work.  Really hard.  Almost as hard as youth ministries :) Because most people just don't understand the serious need.  

Carter will be the third boy with Down syndrome, adopted internationally - in our little church.  Caleb will make #4 for our small community.  To me - those are amazing numbers.  4 little boys, between the ages of 3 & 1.  Incredible, right?!  I know.  

I like visual reminders.  We have them all over our home.  I have framed art that says 'love is spoken here' and 'a smile is love in every language' and 'a day without laughter is a day wasted'...because we need visual reminders.  We have photo screen savers on our computer of all the people we love most.  We have cards in a basket on our fridge from 5 years ago that have encouraging words scribbled inside.  Because we need reminders.  

So as a reminder to us that this ministry is not in vain - and that this ministry is not about us - Jake came up with a perfect reminder.  A big beautiful vase - with the words "until every dream comes true..." etched on it.  When a child enters in to their forever family, that this ministry had the privilege of helping home, we will add a rose to the vase.  It will have a place of honor in our new church building (coming in the winter/spring!).  What a beautiful reminder to all of us.  So thankful for my husband's thoughtfulness and creativity!  

We have a vase in our home, too.  Lest we ever forget what it's all about.  

So far - the vase contains 2 roses.  One for Elijah, one for Jonathan.

And soon - very, very soon...there will be a rose for Carter Benjamin.  

And so shortly after that, there will be a rose for Caleb Aaron.  

Because we need reminders.  Reminders that 'until every dream comes true' we're going to keep working at the mission.  

One Thing I Know For Sure:  God has we'll obey.  Until every dream comes true.


  1. Oh My - I am a crying MESS!!!! This is BEAUTIFUL Ashley!!!!!

  2. Yay, what Summer said! :-) Can't wait to see that vase FULL!!!!

  3. Love following along on your journey to get Carter home. What a blessing to all those involved to be able to be reminded of the small part they played.


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