Monday, February 27, 2012

Exhale :)

I suppose it's time for another's been so, so, long and I've missed this place.  A lot.  I forgot (in just a week or so!) how much I loved sitting here.  Exhaling.  Clickity-clacking on this little keyboard.  I'm back.  And thoroughly enjoying myself.

The past week has been a busy one.  And there's that word again.  It's not one of my favorites.  Busy.  Instead of busy, I'll say 'productive'.  Little projects that have been put on hold since bringing our little boy home are finally getting done.  And as usual, they're taking much longer than we think they should.  Sweet Uncle Ben - he gave up his only day off to help Jake install a door.  Should it have taken all day?  Nope.  But that's the way things go around here.  The guy that built our house was....err....uhh...well let's just say he liked to cut corners.  And now we're paying for it :)  Do your future homeowners a favor, and don't cut corners :)

Anyhow - here's one of those fun 'little projects'.

Carter had his re-adoption on Friday.  It's really just a formality, and will allow us to have a Wisconsin birth certificate (well...actually birth facts...but good enough).

It was over as soon as it started, she signed the paper, and we were on our way.  I couldn't help but be a little emotional.  Why?!  I have no stinkin' idea.  Maybe because it brought back all those emotions from that tiny court room in Ukraine.  Maybe because I thought of Yulia standing at my side, translating the judge's questions in her reassuring tone.  Maybe because I thought of all those ladies in the court room crying when they saw photos of our boy.  Maybe because I miss Ukraine very, very much.

Or, maybe because I was sitting there with my two favorite guys by my side.  And when that happens, I feel like we're unstoppable.  Takin' on the world together.

Either way, Carter is our boy - not because of that slip of paper.  Not because a judge in Ukraine said so.  But because God said so.  And when He says something, we best listen.  This boy is ours - 110%.


Carter has been busy doing lots of this.

He's been battling an ear infection, and we finally took the antibiotic plunge.  So we've been chillaxin' at home as much as we can.  And of course, he'll watch Baby Signing Time for hours if we'd let him.  So this is where he can be found - perched on our little footrest, or strapped in his highchair in front of the computer.

And we've been giving extra hugs & loves.  Because it's what we love to do :)


Last night we had a really special time with a really special family.  It was so nice to spend time with these people away from church - just relaxing - laughing - snuggling (Carter, not each other!) - eating - and just being.  When you're in ministry with people - you feel like you get to fellowship with them during those times of ministry.  But really, there's nothing like just hanging out together.

Carter made a few new buddies with Makayla & Jill, and he even gave Andy & Bob a few snuggles.  It's pretty sweet to see him cuddle up to those people that we love so much.


This morning, I anxiously snuck onto the computer.  Because I knew there would be good things happening.  This family met their boy.  And he's perfect.  Better than perfect.  He's everything they ever dreamed, and more.  The transition from caregiver to mommy & daddy was seamless.  Go check it out, and leave some love.

Or - just go and see for yourself how big & real & good & amazing & faithful our God is.


And how are we doing?  Well, good.  We're still adjusting to being parents...but we really love every minute of it.  Jake said the other day that being a daddy feels so natural.  I knew it would.  And as we're just settling into parenthood, new things are a-brewin' in the Gibson home.  No babies or adoptions on the horizon...but new things, nonetheless.

I don't know what the Lord has for us.  I don't know our next step.  But I know that HE knows.  And that's good enough for me.

And the three of us - we'll take it on, together.

Takin' on the world.

One Thing I Know For Sure: Whatever we go, whatever we do - we're in it together.  And I love that.


  1. Oh love the last picture such a cutie pie

  2. Love that last pic in the tub. Dariya LOVES to swim in the tub like that!

  3. Congrats on being done done with the adoption paperwork! :-) Wasn't it nice to have court in English? LOL

    Glad to hear you guys are doing ok and hope Carter is feeling better very, very soon! Love to you! :-)

  4. beautiful.
    congratulations on the adoption.
    so glad i found this blog.


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