Monday, January 30, 2012

We Are Grafted In

I'm excited to tell you that a post that I recently did about our attachment to Carter is being featured today on 'We Are Grafted In'.  If you aren't following this blog yet, and you are (or will be) an adoptive family, I would highly suggest checking it out.  It's a place where adoptive parents can share their stories - experiences - struggles - fears - a safe, welcoming place.  Because we're in this together - and we need each other.  Your family might think you've lost your mind.  Your friends might think you've gone off the deep end.  But these adoptive families?!  They get it.  They get you.  Been there, done that.  Check it out, follow along, and as my dear friend tells me "learn from our mistakes!!".


As I was reading through the blogs that I follow yesterday, I came across a post that really tugged at my heart.  It's the story of how this particular mama first heard God's call to adopt, and then had 'the talk' with her man, and then stepped out in faith and said 'yes' to God.

She mentioned a post that I wrote while in Ukraine.  Within the post is a video of Carter when he was just starting to waddle around at the orphanage.  It's not Carter that opened her eyes to the orphan crisis (although, I'm sure his adorableness had something to do with it!) - but something else.  Something else that I never noticed until I went back and watched - listened to - the video yesterday.

A cry.  A cry, from an unknown orphan.

And it brought this sweet woman to her knees.

The Lord used this child's cry to melt this sweet mama's heart.  He used this cry, this almost unnoticeable cry - to save another orphan.

How intentional is our big God?!


How detailed is the Lord?!


Now, this family is on a journey to adopt little 'Jakob' via Reece's Rainbow.  You can read this particular post and follow along here.

One Thing I Know For Sure: What a Mighty God we serve...!


  1. Oh, Ashley...this just brings tears to my eyes and brings me right back to my knees as well. Thank you for mentioning us but thank you even more for your obedience and blogs! I love that we serve a HUGE and mighty God together! And by the way...Yes, his cuteness certainly had something to do with could it not??!! :)

  2. Love how God uses even the tiniest of details to move people. Awesome!

  3. So I read your blog post, followed the link to the other blog, watched the video twice to hear the cries (barely audible to someone not listening for it). Amazing. Read her entire day of txts to her BFF and how she talked to her hubby. I've had a sib set (USA) on my heart and mind for a week now.... one of the girls' names is Rebekah (age 4). Tonight I was digging thru some photos for my youngest daughter's school project, came across a photo. The back said "Rebekah [last name} 3 1/2 years old", I have no idea who she is, I asked my mom- no idea. All mighty God.

  4. Robin - I adore hearing things like this!! God is amazing and so HUGE in such a tender and quiet way but SO obvious! Amazing. Simply amazing. I'll be praying for you as you travel on your God placed journey to bring Rebekah and her sibling to their forever home. :)

  5. Ashley, I came across you r blog from another adoption blog. I have been completely taken in by your story for several reasons. One being I'm an adoptive parent also and currently a pre-adoptive parent too! Yes, very excited about that one! Anyway as I was reading your posts I believe that we adopted from the same orphange in Ukraine! I have some the the exact same pictures that you have, the ramps leading to the second floor, the door to the right of the sitting area on that second floor is where my little guy (well then little guy) would pop out of everyday we were there to visit. The hours we also spent in that sitting area and in that play room! Unless they build orphanages indentical we were there too but and here is the kicker....11 years ago! It has been all painted in your pictures, it doesn't look quite that nice in mine. LOL but some of the paintings are still the same. Reading about your trip brought me right back to when we spent 5 weeks in Kiev in 2001 adopting our boys (then Logan was 3 years and Sergei was 4 months now almost 15 and 11 years old), thanks for the memory rush! Your son is beautiful and I'm sure will do great! If you ever want to swap stories drop me an email


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