Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese New Year!

Okay, I'm a few days late (January 23rd, I believe...) - but even now in most of Asia, the New Year is being celebrated.

We have friends who will be traveling to China VERY soon to adopt their sweet Caleb.  But that is a whole other post :)

I wanted to bring some awareness to all the waiting kids in Asia.  I talk a lot about Eastern Europe and Ukraine - but really, people - there is a whole, big world out there filled with kids waiting for their forever family to come and scoop them up.  Literally, a whole, big world. 

From the Reece's Rainbow website:
"The orphan crisis for children with Down syndrome and other special needs crosses every political and continental border, extending through the countries of Asia.  Although many reside in foster homes, they are still discarded and need a forever family of their own.

China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines all do an outstanding job of documenting each child's social history, as well as providing thorough medical history and updates for potential adoptive families.   The process to adopt in these countries is very straightforward and predictable.  We have outstanding agency partners serving these children.  Length of travel and other requirements have been markedly relaxed over the last year, and even allow for single moms and larger families to adopt.  

Despite all of these positive features, our Asian children are often the last to be chosen.  Please help us raise awareness and find adoptive families for them!"

Really - these kids are beautiful, and it breaks my heart to know that they're the last to be chosen.  

 So, maybe you're not in a place to adopt.  That's okay - it's not for everyone.  But look at these faces.

These are real kids.  They are not just photographs.  These are children.  Human beings, who deserve a chance.

Maybe you don't know anybody who is wanting to adopt now.  That's okay, too.

But share, anyway.  When we saw Carter's photo for the first time, we didn't think we would be adopting anytime soon.  But eleven months later, we came home with the boy that we saw in that photo.

This is why you must share.  You must advocate.  You don't know who Penny's mama is.  You don't know who Silas's family is.

You don't know - so share.

Someone recently emailed me, asking about adoption.  Our 'circle' might be surprised to know that this person is seriously considering it.

You just don't know - so share!

What can you do to help?  Share.  On Facebook, on your blog, wherever - share with your circle.  Tell people about the waiting children of Asia.  They need homes, too!

One Thing I Know For Sure:  Maybe someday we'll be trekkin' it to Asia....but for now, I'll share.


  1. Oh don't even say near me there is a chance you could go to Asia.....I have a ton of kids to show you. I'll give Jake a break and wait a month :)

  2. Silas was one of our Angel Tree babies this year. I LOVE him!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing these sweet babies on your blog. I have been keeping an eye on them and some have been waiting well over a year. I am praying they will be in the arms of their forever families soon. I would run to pick them up if we could.

  4. so precious. my niece is from China, so thanks for sharing. Asia has a sweet spot in my heart. :)


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