Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Break In The Monotony!

Our walk to the orphanage today included the planning of a Russian spy movie.  It had something to do with a mad scientist and Tymoshenko.  It worked - because the time passed so quickly!

We also like to play a game called 'make the pigeon fly' :)  The pigeons here are so used to people, that you have to practically be on top of them in order for them to move.  It's actually slightly irritating.  Anyhow - Rachel was after a pigeon, and it flew, alright - right in front of a bus.  We all held our breath as it escaped with its life.  A little excitement for the day :)

When we got to Carter's groupa, they told us we could take him outside! Something different!  We have not been able to take him outside since the very first day that we met him.  The weather was fairly nice, and we were excited to see him explore something new.


You should have seen this boy.  He crawled right into his shell and would not come out.  We figure that he's never really been out of the stroller.  We tried...but he just wasn't having it.

Here you can see how red his left eye is.
We're pretty sure the director was trying to tell us that they gave him some drops. 

This is the closest thing to a smile that we got while we were outside.
He wanted to grab the leaves...but just wasn't sure :)
Later we saw part of his groupa playing in a shed.  We asked the nanny (who speaks a few words in english) if we could join.  She said 'may' :)  It was really nice to be able to play with the kids in his groupa.  They all wanted our attention.

This is what he did, the entire time we were playing with his groupa.
And Carter wasn't having it :)  It's not that he was jealous - he was just all clammed up.  So we headed back inside.

We got back to that couch in the hallway that we all hate so much - and 'pop'!  Carter poked back out of his shell.

Really, is there anything cuter?
Watch out - Moses - this guy squeezes hard!

He was walking like crazy today.  Down the hall - up the hall - down the hall - up the hall.  It's amazing how far he's come!

I got some interesting feed back from a friend who was here at this orphanage, adopting her son over the summer.  She said that the reason that the nannies might not want us to see their mealtimes is because they know it doesn't quite measure up.  This momma said that they sit four or so kids to a table - community bowl, community cup, no forks or spoons - just a free for all.  The nannies feed them - but they use the same utensils and one big bowl.  Hmm...very interesting.


We were talking during lunch today (which, by the way, was delicious!  Rachel's usual? A Ranger Sandwich!  Silver Birch, anyone?!  It's a grilled PB&J.  Don't judge it til you try it!  My usual is a grilled cheese with an egg...weird, I know.  And Jake..well - he likes to go back & forth.  Ha.  In case you were wondering...!) - anyhow - as I was saying...we were talking during lunch today, and we all agree that this trip has just flown by.  We all feel like we've been here forever, in some ways.  But I think it's just because we're so comfortable here, and so 'at home' with each other.  But at the same time - it's amazing that in about 2 days, our ten day wait will be up!  Unreal!  After the ten day wait - we'll have to wait to get our court decree until Tuesday...which maybe, hopefully, possibly could be Gotcha Day!


Okay...call me over emotional.  But I'm gonna go for it.

Today is the first day of Adoption Awareness Month.  Right now, there is a little discussion going on that just has me HOT.  It's a discussion about whether it's 'better' to adopt from this country vs. another specific country.


Someone even said that they would not recommend this country to anyone - because it's too hard.  I'm sorry - but I've got a problem with that.

When we first started this process, we knew very little about the different Eastern European countries and their adoption processes.  I learned by following others in their journeys, and doing research.  I was unexperienced, uninformed, and slightly overwhelmed.

If someone had told me not to bother with this country because it's too hard...I would have turned away.

I know I would have.

And just look what we would be missing out on.

Would we have found another child, in another country?  Sure.  But not this child.

This country probably isn't right for everyone.  Fair enough.

But please, please don't tell me that it's not right for anyone.  There ARE families who have the guts to do this.  I see them waiting for this special needs list to be updated - days, weeks, months have gone by.  And  they're still pressing on.

Are you free to choose whatever country or program that you want?  Absolutely!  But don't make it a point to tell others what they should think, too.

Do not tell me that these kids aren't worth it, because it's just too hard for you.

I won't accept that.

One Thing I Know For Sure: I will not tell these kids that nobody is coming for them, because this countries' program is too hard....it's NOT ABOUT YOU.  


  1. well said my beloved daughter in love...so glad you spoke truth!!!

  2. preach it sister...preach it!!!!!!

  3. I love this!!! I was told more than once not to adopt from certain countries because they are too expensive or they are too difficult. Once I found my son... It didn't matter how hard it was... He is my son and I will do whatever it takes to bring him home!!!!

  4. Ahhhhhh. Go Carter go!!!!!!!!!!! Look at him walk!

  5. Ashley you are so right! Nothing is to difficult for our God. In Christ we can do ALL things! The path we are called to walk is not an easy one; it's called carrying our cross for a reason - it's hard!

  6. Amen! It is hard but not impossible, and all things are possible through Christ. Just shows how tough we are ;)


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