Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on 10

New, exciting things going on right here, folks.  10 on 10...what the heck is that, you ask?!  Well, well, well...let me tell you.  On the 10th day of the month, you get to see my day - in 10 photos.

Fun, eh?  Here goes!

1. My morning started like this:

Do you understand the full meaning of this photo?  Coffee - with a baby monitor....not coffee with a toddler.  Yes - Carter slept through most of our morning routine - I completed my cup of coffee in silence.  It's going to be a beautiful day...!

2. Is there anything cuter than this?

I think not.

3. I've had ideas swirling in my head since we got home - and now that Christmas is over, I have some time to devote to my creative side.

This is one of the pages for a Bible Verse booklet.  I know, Carter is 3.  I know he won't memorize these verses anytime soon, and that's okay.  But I want our kids immersed in scripture.  It's okay if he won't be speaking these verses - because I know that they will speak to him.

4. Again, anything cuter?

I think little boys in jammies are one of God's sweetest creations.  Speaking of jammies - this boy is quickly growing out of his.  Anything smaller than a 3T makes us feel like we're putting him in his straight jacket for the night.  All other clothes fit fine - just the jammies.  I know, they're meant to fit tighter...but seriously - his are bustin' at the seams.

5. I love to kiss this boy.  Call me a kissaholic.

Maybe because his cheeks are so kissable.  Maybe because he lets me.  Maybe because I've missed out on so many.  I know that someday, he won't sit still long enough for me to sneak a kiss or two - so for right now, I'll take full advantage.  Because someday.  Someday...

6. Anyone have a caption for this photo?!

I call it "Woo!  Mom just came in my room to find all my jammies, onesies, and socks on the floor...for the 42nd time today!".  It's become a game.  How many times can I trash my room before nap time.  Fun, fun.  Also - don't you love Moses laying on the ground - enjoying the fact that he's actually innocent in all of this?!  Love it.

7. Lunch with my little buddy.

He makes an excellent lunch date.  And look - we have fork usage, people!  Beautiful.

8. I was a busy mama today - another one of those ideas I've had swirling in my brain.

I also colored rice & noodles for the first time, using rubbing alcohol and food coloring.  I am totally kicking myself in the rear for not doing this while I was teaching.  I always thought it would be way too much work.  HA!  Easiest thing ever.  Can't wait to show you what I've got planned for all that rice.....!

9.  Bathtime is daddy's time.

It's so nice to have that break at the end of the day.  Thanks, Jake.  You love us so well!

10.  This has never happened before.

This is Carter's laundry - and it's on my kitchen table.  And it will still be on my kitchen table in the morning.  Because tomorrow is Wednesday.  I love Wednesdays :)  Rachel comes to hang out with Carter on Wednesdays so I can get some extra stuff done.  And I love it.  I love that on Tuesday night, I can say "oh - that can wait until Rachel is here tomorrow...".  Pretty great!

There ya have it - 10 on 10!  Hope your day was just as blessed!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Kind of a boring day - eh?  Nope...I love it!


  1. Glad you're loving the stay at home mom job. Every day brings new challenges. Carter will keep you exhausted for sure! But I can see how much he is thriving, my goodness! Be proud everyday of the job you're doing, because it's not easy! Love the pictures, especially of you kissing those beautiful cheeks, and the 2 buddies in the trashed bedroom. Priceless.

  2. What an excellent day for the 2 MOST important people in my life. Enjoy everyday to its fullest; whether eventful and exciting or not doesn't matter, it's being together and lovin' on each other. Carter, you keep challenging your mama - it's great (Nana loves to see a little payback to mama from time to time). I love you guys with all my heart. Carter give mama all the kisses she wants and needs...you have the best mama in the world; you're just to little to know it yet. God Bless all of your days!!


  3. Caption for #6:

    "Mom! Mom! I caught him! This orange dinosaur, I caught him making a mess in my room! Here's the culprit!"

  4. Hello from Reece's Rainbow! How are things going for you guys? And have you joined our After the Rainbow group yet? If not, please email me and I'll get you connected. Adoption is an amazing thing but it also brings its challenges! Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who has "been there". Please feel free to email me if you ever have questions or just need to talk.

    ~Rachel Whitmire
    Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
    Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

  5. Love seeing the updates. Carter just looks so happy and contented. Love seeing him get so comfortable! And yes...boy jammies are the best thing ever!!! If I can't put a tutu on my two boys...jammies are the next best thing ;-) ~Kimberly

  6. Love seeing your day in photos. :) I especially like how you have help that comes regularly. With my husband being deployed and having 6 kids, I also enjoy having a woman from church who comes once a week to watch them so I can get groceries, etc. It gives some breathing room!

    Carter is just *too* sweet!!


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