Saturday, January 07, 2012

Shhhh....It's January.

Blogger has been quiet the last few weeks....if my followers are anything like me - they've been just surviving, trying to recoup from all the holiday madness.  I do love Christmas and everything that comes with it - but January brings new hope - new energy - and a crisp, clean feeling that I start to crave on December 26th.  I also love that the 'going' stops and the 'staying' starts.  It's the perfect time to hunker down and start hibernating....and that's exactly what we're doing.

Welcome, January.  Glad you're here.


This boy's waddle has transformed into something that resembles a walk.  He's not quite there yet - but he's so close.  The 'raised arms' are almost a thing of the past.  Now, he walks with his toy of the day in his hand.  Yep - holding a toy and walking at the same time.  May not seem like a big deal...but let me tell you, it is.  And we are so proud of our boy.


Our old friend, Paperwork, is back for a while.  We're working on finishing up our post-placement so we can finalize Carter's adoption in the U.S.  His adoption IS final, technically.  But in order to get his equivalent of a U.S. birth certificate, we need to do the post-placement study and have a (very informal) court hearing in our county.  This is also necessary to do if we ever plan to adopt again.

We also need this so that we can apply for Katie Beckett.  No idea what that is?!  We knew nothing about it until we were about to travel to Ukraine.  If you have or are adopting a child with special needs, google it.  Pretty amazing!

We're also going through and organizing all that paperwork we got in Ukraine.  Some of it isn't translated....phooey.  Google translator has been a life saver.

Paperwork - I thought you were gone for a while.  I was wrong.  Welcome back - please don't wear out your welcome.


The last few days have been filled with something that resembles normalcy.  We're back to what looks like a routine, and I am loving it.

I've been enjoying this....

Carter loves play-doh!

This....because really, is there anything sweeter?!

 And this...ohhh, how I've been enjoying this...!

Love the routine.  Love the consistency.  Love being home.  Love it all.


Last night was DIY pizza night.  Some dear friends popped over to join us - and it was really the perfect night.  Laughter, story telling, jam-packed kitchen, teenagers sprawled out on the couches and floors.  

On a side note - I loved all the activity.  I think I could get used to having lots of kids around.  We'll see what our future holds...but I'd be okay with a big family.  Moving on...

This family happens to be Rachel's family - yes, our Rachel.  The one who came to Ukraine with us.  And her dad happens to have an amazing artistic talent.  So, to thank us for bringing Rachel along to the great unknown - he gifted us with this amazing work of art.  Really - it's incredible.  Takes my breath away.  He did it with charcoal, and when I asked him how long it took - he was all 'oh - a few days - not that long...'.  Humblest guy ever.  

Remember this photo?  It was taken at the airport when we arrived home from Ukraine.  

Well...take a look at this.  Amazing.  I wish I had a better photo to show the awesomeness of this....

Notice he removed the keys from Carter's hands and added a block?  I wish you could see the detail in his hair.  Really - it's incredible.

I've already told him that this is the gift that keeps on giving.  Another baby...another drawing.  

Thank you so much, Jesse.  We absolutely love it - and we'll treasure it forever!


Blog is written, and now it's back to what I love best - spending time with my boys on a dreary Saturday morning.'s January - going back to the cave to hibernate now.  Do the same - and enjoy!

One Thing I Know For Sure: Lovin' January....!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. ^^^How mean! Why do you read this blog? I hope if you have kids, you are teaching them "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all."

  3. amazing photo/drawing! does he do commissioned work?

  4. I was wondering if you met or saw little Silas (RR name) at orph. 6 when you visited? We are advocating for him at
    he is such a cutie!

  5. It is also good to teach kiddos to speak out on important issues -- like people purchasing ugly lil kiddos and plastering their pics all over the Internet... Especially BEFORE they have any Lagan claim to 'em whatsoever... Like peeps are trying to get info on Silas... Despite photolistings being illegal in Ukraine where darlin lil Silas us apparently located.

    Steph/Jamie - my prayers are that u never get your grubby lil aspiring child purchasing hands on or near sorus. I hope that lovely orthodox priest takes lil Silas to his private orphanage so u cannot have him!! Ever!!! I will pray Silas is saved from a fate like RR Nicolai Emelseyev (beaten to death by his godly Christian adoptive parents) and RR Yuri winkle (disruption! Autumn thought he was annoying and lasted less than 6 mos as his adoptive forever mom)!!


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